Saturday, January 9, 2016

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Do you know someone with PTSD?  Do you know the signs or symptoms?  Did you know that not just War Veterans suffer from PTSD? Anyone that has suffered a traumatic experience can suffer from PTSD.  I am going to share my story with you, I suffer from PTSD and I also have a really great friend that suffers also.  Here are our stories:

My friends name is Cathy, she just turned 55 years old, divorced twice and has a live in fiance now.  A few years ago she worked as a lead car or escort service for wide heavy loads, mainly moving mobile homes, and then she would assist her boyfriend at the time in setting the mobile homes up.  In other words she did more than just escort them from place to place.  One bright sunny day, she was working with them, they had arrived at location to set the mobile home up and she was assisting in mobile home set-up.  Her Boyfriend was moving the mobile home to set in place and was backing it up.  What he didn't know and she didn't notice, was that he was getting very close to her.  I can't really tell you how it all happened other than it happened so fast neither one ever saw it happen.  By the time they realized what had happened it was too late.  I'm sure you're asking well what happened?  She got pinned between the mobile home and a truck.  As he was backing up he was pinning her in and she couldn't even scream to stop him.  This incident nearly ripped her leg off.  In fact, the Doctor's told her that 1/4 inch more and she would have lost her leg, 1/2 inch more and it would have probably killed her.  If she never had anything to thank God for, Now she does.  That was just a few years ago and now she has trouble doing minor things, such as cleaning her house, walking, standing for any amount of time, and driving.  Most of these things because of the damage done to her leg, but the PTSD comes in when she is driving, and an 18 wheeler or heavy traffic, she reverts back to that day.  She literally does no more driving on account of this accident and has been in therapy ever sense. 

My story, I have shared with you before.  I was married to an abusive man for 3 years. He beat me daily rather I needed it or not.  I have been tied to a chair, and told that I would never see the sin come up, I have been threatened to have my nipples cut off, and I have had a gun put to my head on many occasions.  Now, when my husband and I get into any kind of disagreement, for whatever reason I feel like I am back with my first husband, and though David, my now husband, as never laid his hand on me, I still revert back to those feelings from the past.  It has caused many problems in my now relationship and as I look back in my relationships between that marriage and this one, I see where it was a problem for me then.  I have a hard time trusting Men in genral, yes this includes my dad that has done nothing but been there for me.  There are times I feel that if I wasn't here that the world be in a better place. I have trouble dealing with everyday life events, and being aroud crowds that never before bothered me.   With all of this being said, no I don't see a therapist.  Even with insurance I can't afford it, so I rely on Family, friends, and my blog to talk this out.  I have a pretty good support system, but when things get really bad, even they can't do anything about it. 

I shared these stories with you for one reason, I just want everyone to know that PTSD is NOT just for Military men and women.  PTSD is not just for a certain race, ethic, religion belief, or gender, it can target anyone that has suffered a traumatic event in their life.  There isn't really anything that you can do for them except be a friend, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a support system that they need.