Sunday, September 4, 2011

Houseplants for the BLACK Thumb

     I am sure at some point in our lives that really loves houseplants but instead of having the Golden Touch they have the Touch of Death!  My Mother, and both sister's have that deadly touch when it comes to houseplants, and for whatever reason everybody always gives them the most beautifulest plants you have ever seen.  Me?  I get what I purchase and put a card that says it from my Lil ones!  Once they kill the plants I then inherit their plants as if I am a plant Doctor.  They even Tell me "Oh you can have it if you can save it" lol.  So I always do my best and I usually beg them for the plants before they are too far gone.  So now I have a few plants here, that if you love house plants but can't seem to grow them.

1.  Snake Plant AKA Mother in Laws Tongue
It grows 2-4 tall, Any light works, and it prefers a dryish soil.  Especial dryer soil in the winter.  The darker the light the darker the leaves, the lower the light, the lighter the leaves will be.

2.  Spider Plant
This plant likes bright light but not direct sunlight!  Moist and well drained soil is best
The little plants on the tips of this plant can be removed, placed in water to secure a better rooting system and now you have even MORE houseplants.  Great to give friends who also don't have any luck with houseplants and you can let them know (You grew it yourself)!

3.  Cacti, Succelents, Jade Plant
Dry soils, good light
If you forget to water these, it is OK they normally grow in the dessert where there is plenty of light and not so much water.  Just be careful with osme of these if you have small childrren or pets because some have pricklys on them!  There are alot of other plants in this line that is really cool that has no prickles like Banana plant, Jade, etc.  Check with your local flower shops, Home depot, Lowe's, nursery's, they can tell you the many different types and what is best for you!

4.  Hens and Bitties
These are typically grown outdoors, but most people that can't have indoor plants have trouble with outdoor plants.  I love these because these also grow in rock walls, so they can be very decorative, and sooo easy to grow.  I have mine in the morning full sun around my pond and currently they are in pots because I haven't decided exactly how I want them arranged around my pond.  They grow and grow and continue to grow and can be easlil transplanted to get more plants.

5.  Peace Lily's
Low light
slow growth to 3 feet
Once the leaves start to droop you water them. You want to be sure to not over water them.  The chances of these dieing from being under watered is slim to none, but you can drown them!  They are beautiful plants with green leaves and a white flower.

6.  Philodernron
Low to bright light but not direct light
warm temps and evenly moist soil
This is a vine type plant that will take over your home if  you allow it.  At one time the entire living room was incased in with this plant.  This is another plant that you can cut pieces off, place in water to root, and viola you have a whole new plant.

Rule of thumb when you are not sure about how much light your plants need ~the darker the leaves the less sun is need, the lighter the shade the more sun is needed~  With watering ~You should let the soil dry out before watering again~.  Alot of plants if kept wet all the time will cause root rot and kills the plant!  If you have any questions, comments, or just wanna talk about this please leave a comment.  I always love to hear what my readers are thinking!