Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is NORMAL in your house?

     Normal, what really is normal?  I see diffrent families around me and think to myself that the way they do things are just a little too odd, but again they seem happy!

     My house is full of color!  By that I mean my Son which is 12 is ADHD and Bi-Polar, my 7 year old daughter is ADHD and ODD (Oppositonal Defiance Disorder), and then there is the 2 year old that needs NO introduction.  It is always a fight going on around here and staying on your toes at all times.  The only rest you get is once they are all in bed asleep and even then the baby don;t sleep all night unless she is in the BIG bed with Mama and Daddy!  So here getting NO sleep unfortuantly is normal although it can't be very healthy for any of us.

     I often wonder to myself what is "Normal"?  Do the Drs. and Psychotherapists really know what is normal or what should be normal? And does their house run in what is Normal?  I have meet a Drs. child who is Anirexic and a Therepists child that has more problems than most.  I'm guessinf that what works for you.  I Love all my little NUTS here.  I have considred getting a Warning sign and posting in my front yard that reads " Warning this property main contain NUTS".  I Love them but sometimes it is tough.  My kids fight and threaten to hurt or just wish the other wasnt ever born.  It really upsets me but I have learned to read there ques and know what to really get concerned about!

     To most I have a very Colorful Family and to me it is just as Normal as any other home around.  We eat dinner as a family most of the time, we fly kites, ride dirt bikes, and go camping in the summer!  I dont think we are too far from the Norm but again we just have very high active children that requires much more attention than most children their age.