Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summer Fun

     If everyone is like me they are ready to see more Spring flowers, the pollen gone, feel the sand under their feet, and the warm sun on their face.  It is April and the old saying is April Showers bring May flowers...  I am ready. 

     I enjoy going camping, fishing, riding dirt bikes, and just spending quality time outdoors with my Family.  It is very difficult to do many of these things while the kids are in school because they don't get home until 3:30 and 4;15 PM.  By the time they get home it is almost time to get them feed, showered and in the bed.  Oh, let's not forget homework, that is something my kids wish I would forget all the time.
     In the summer once the kids are out of school I enjoy going to our property and camping.  It just takes so much for us to get there (and we only live 20 minutes away), that I am exhausted by the time we get there.  I have even tried loading up everything I can possibly load up the day before like the tents, and sleeping bags.  It never fails I always forget to take something too. And it is usually something that I needed to cook with or just cant make it without.  Luckily my husbands parents live closer than we do so we run to their house and get it and there is a store about 10 mins. away in case we need more food.

     We have about 100 acres  and we are surrounded completely by woods.  There is a clearing in the middle and we always set up tent just inside the inner edge of the woods.  The kids enjoy it because they can run all day I believe and never hit the same piece of property twice in one day.  We can take the dirt bikes, and four wheelers and they can ride, and then there is the little pond over in the corner that we go fishing.
Seems like once we get set up, and I am cooking supper we actually start to have a great time.
What are some of the things that you and your family enjoy doing in the summer together?