About Me

     Hi, my Name is Jennie B Moye and as my blog title tells you I am a Southern Mom of 4.  I have 3 children in the home.  I have a son age 14 and 2 daughters ages 8 and 4.  I also have a stepdaughter that lives outside the home that is age 8.

     Our family enjoys camping, fishing, and playing outdoor games in the summer.  In the cooler months we have Family game nights where we play board games and card games.Our favorites of course are riding dirt bikes and anything to do outdoors.  There are a lot of outside games that we enjoy but sometimes is hard because of the difference in ages, so I usually have to do several different games to accommodate each age group along with what everyone enjoys. 

     I myself enjoy baking, cooking out on the grill, and working in my flower garden.  While I have nothing of real great value I enjoy the serenity of my space where I can relax and enjoy the beautiful colors and wonders of nature.  I also haven't found much of anything that my family does not like to eat.  I enjoy the cooking and of course they enjoy the eating.


    These are pics of my Great family that keeps me going daily, even when I feel there is nothing left to go on for!