Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Powerball 1-13-16

Do you play the powerball?  I never have before but last Saturday night I gave my husband $5.00 and told him to buy us a ticket or 2.  So he came home with 2 tickets, and of curse as we all know, I did NOT win.  At least not at first glance, no I didn't win thousands, hundreds, but I did win.  We had one ticket that 13 as the powerball, and little did I know that, that was all I needed to get a little money back.  So I took my ticket to cash in on my $4.00 win and come to find out it was a $12.00 win.  So now you ask what did I do with the money, well I had a scrath off that was worth $5.00 totaling $17.00.  We had $7.00 invested in tickets so I got my $7.00 back and bought 5 more numbers for a total of $10.00 for the lottery tonight.  As of 1-12-16 it was at $1.5 BILLION dollars, Hello, I'm game.  Will I win, who knows but I know you can't win it if you ain't in it!

Good Luck and if you win or have won anything, let us know.  I get excited over the small wins just as much as the big wins.  Gotta go get one more ticket, we'll see how we do!