Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chicken Casserole with a twist

I love to cook for my Family and sometimes I actually make something that just wows me.  So I would like to share with you my simple recipe for Chicken casserole and then a little twist my husband added.

Chicken Casserole:
5 Leg Quarters or whole chicken
Cream of chicken soup
peppridge farm Stuffing (blue bag)
Salt and Pepper
Chicken Broth (made from boiling chickens)

Boil your leg Quarters until done, I usually let them cook until they almost fall off the bone.  Remove from water/broth and place into a separate bowl to cool.  While you are waiting for the chicken to cool down so you can handle it, I like to take my casserole dish nd put a layer of Cream of Chicken soup in the bottom of the dish.  Once the chicken is cooled down, you can start de-boning the chicken and putting the chicken into the prepared casserole dish.  Once you have removed all fat, bones, and any other part of the chicken you'd rather not eat, I usually like to take a little bit of the broth and pour over top of the chicken.  Salt and pepper to taste, remember you can always add more at the table but you can't take any away!  Then add another layer of Cream of chicken soup, now here is where I can't tell you how much to add because I like my casserole a little juicy.  So I add about 4 cans but this is up to you.  Place your stuffing mix in a bowl, melt butter and a little of the broth in the microwave.  Once it is melted, pour it over the stuffing mix.  Again here I don't want it soaked but I want the entire bowl to be mixed well.  Then put a layer of the stuffing mix over top of the casserole and bake in the oven.  I bake mine at 400 for about 30 to 45 minutes.  This depends on the size of the dish you are using, you are only cooking until it is golden brown.  Once it is done too perfection, remove from the oven and allow it to cool down at least 10 to 15 minutes so the cram of chicken soup isn't runny.  I use a sppon, scoop and serve.

Now I told you in the beginning that my husband added a new twist to this recipe, so let me share...

I bought some of the flour tortillas because he likes the sausage Burritos (recipe coming soon) and I tend to keep these on hand most of the time.  Now he is a bread eater, but this time he took a tortilla and put him some casserole in it, rolled it like a soft taco, and ate it.  He said it rocks.  Now you have to understand that while my husband will eat chicken he is NOT a fan of it because he worked in chicken houses growing up.  So now he had rather not have but.  He came back to the casserole about 5 times last night, so I know he really enjoyed this one! 

If you get a chance to try this recipe, come back and let me know what you think.  This is a great alternative to soup on a really cold day or night, and feeds a family of 5 to 6 maybe more depending on how much your Family can eat.