Monday, January 5, 2015

Campbells varieties

I received several products via +Crowdtap  and @Campbellsoups to try and write a review about.  The opinions in this post are solely mine and biased by companies nor the fact that I received free products.

I love Chicken noodle soup when I am sick and feeling under the weather, and Campbell's soups always make me feel better.  Growing up I always knew about their soups and now they have even more different varieties of soups.
Did you know that they not only have soups but they have dinner starters, spaghetti O's, and skillet dinners?  I was given several of their products to try and tell, and I used each and every product in a different way.   Some can be used to just fix a five minute deal and some are great for a starter base of the meal.  They are inexpensive, easy to use, and becuae they are in cans they have an awesome shelf life. 

If you haven't tried the different products from Campbell's then you really need to check them out.  For the busy Mom and Dad who rather spend more time with Family then these are great products and I still love the old faves like the tomato and chicken noodle soups.