Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dial Bodywash with Moiracle Oil

When you shower you want to feel clean and know that you are clean.  Well, I know when I get a shower I want to feel clean, know that I am clean and smell fresh when I am done.  The new Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash is awesome. 

With this new Dial body wash with Miracle oil, when you shower you have more than just the spa feeling.  You also smell and feel great. I suffer from extremely dry skin, mainly because I take really hot showers I suppose, but with this body wash my skin is no where as dry as it normally is with other soaps and body washes.

My husband mistaken the body wash as shampoo and even he agrees that it was great.  However that being said it thought it was more fragrant than he liked, he said it smells more like a girl than a man. Let me tell you when he buys lotions and such he is looking for a manly scent, but even with that being said he has used it a few times himself since then.  I also love the way it makes my bathroom smell once you get your shower and get out.  I wish I could find a fragrant warmer with the same scent or even candles, I would have them all over my house!

And YES it is that great, so if you haven't tried the NEW Dial with Miracle Oil yet you really should.  I don't like to write about something I haven't personally tried myself and if there is something I don't like about it, I will tell you.  However this is all my opinions and not persuaded by anyone else, company, or retailer.  These are strictly mine and I highly recommend you and your Family give it a try!