Thursday, September 25, 2014

School Memories, Good or Bad?

     Ahhh, it's that time of year again when all the kids are back in school and the weather is changing.  Do you remember your days in school?  I have to admit that I graduated High School 29 years ago, yeah I'm getting old.  but I still remember my Kindergarten teachers and I have some really great memories and then I have horrible memories of school.  I will share some of mine and my Families with you now!

     I don't really have good memories of me in school. In Kindergarten, I would get paddled everyday because I didn't take a nap until my Mother came to the school.  She informed them I didn't take a nap a s a baby and I probably wouldn't take one for them! I would sit quietly on my mat and not disturb anyone, but we HAD to go to sleep. Just so you know I was that child that stayed up late and never slept.  Guess if it was diagnosable back then I would have been treated for ADHD but back then parents just dealt with it.

     Once I got to Junior High School I was teased immensely and I struggled to make what I call true friends.  Although I had friends, it always seemed there was many more that just wanted to pick and tease me.  It was probably the longest 4 years of my life, but looking back I think those people are the reason I am who I am today!

     In High School I stayed away as much as possible and did no more than I had to. I graduated June 1994 by the skin of my teeth.  In fact my English teacher made a point to come up to me a graduation and let me know I only made a 69.5 and she gave me that one.  Hey, I'll take it because I was so ready to leave.

     College, however was a different story.  Maybe because I got to pick my classes, could take them at the time I wanted, and I had to pay for them out of my pocket that it made it so different, but I really enjoyed it. At first I went to Wayne Community College for Cosmetology.  The classes were actually taken at Mitchell's Hairstyling Academy, and I made some really great friends there.  The next time I went back to College I went back to WCC for BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training).  There I felt for once in my life that I was in control.  While I was in school or training, my ex-husband committed a felony and needless to say even though he was my ex and I had nothing to do with him, I couldn't get hired locally at the Police or Sheriff's Office.  I never let that stop me, I just continued my education in the Criminal Justice Field in hopes to one day maybe to become a Parole Officer or something like that.  I have still not finished that training but once you get older it is much harder to go back to school!

     What are your School memories?  Were you the most popular or maybe you classified as a Nerd.  Whatever it was, share! We would all love to hear your story.  You never know how your story may give someone else the strength to make it through a situation that they are going through!    

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What are your favorite Fall Activites?

     It is that time of year when we must say Good-bye to the Summer and Hello Fall!  The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and School is in full force.  Our schedules are changing rapidly for a lot of people because they are having to get the kids to bed on time, getting up earlier to make breakfast and get everyone ready for the day.  So I ask you, what are some of yours and your Families favorite Fall activities?

     School has finally began back, and I have been thrown in a real tipsy turvy.  During the Simmer I would get up and get my little girl I keep and I could lay down and rest with her here or drink my coffee quietly while the remainder of my house slept in.  It really was nice because my day just didn't seem as pushed and rushed as it is now.  Now I have to get up at 5 a.m. to get my middle child up and ready for school because her bus is here at 6:30 a.m.and once she is on the bus my 3 year old gets here.  Then it's time to get my baby up and get her breakfast made so I can get her on the bus. Once I have all the little one's on the bus then me and the 3 year old go back to the house and and we do a little lesson with her! Of course she usually will take a nap but by this time I am working on getting my laundry, housework, and supper done, so that means NO nap for me.  but oh well, I make it work.  So now that you have heard what things don't go well for me in the Fall, I will give you my things that I love about Fall, and how our Family plans on spending these cooler days!

     One of  the first things that comes to mind when I think of the Fall is our local County Fair.  While it may not be the grandest fair, I live about 1 mile from it so I watch it as it goes up, runs for the week and a half, and then comes down.  When they shot off the fireworks I can watch them from my front porch, but I don't like the noise that comes with it.  Most people don't believe me when I tell them that I can hear the fair until you come visit, then you understand!

     I also think about harvest and we have our Harvest Sale at our church every October.  So for me and my Family Fall just lets us know you only have a matter of a few weeks to get things together
, sell BBQ tickets, and prepare to be busy working at the Church!  We start our Saturday morning off with getting plates delievered and ready for drive thru and eat in's at 11A.m. and we serve the food until 6 P.M.  We really enjoy this even even though it is an extremely busy day, we get to fellowship with our Church Family, and the surrounding communities.  I love to talk and I don't get the opportunity to have adult conversation very often so I take advantage of this time.

     The count down to Christmas, oh yes I love Christmas.  It is this time of year that I am thinking about where everything will go, and I am getting excited about all the lights that will be shown in the neighborhoods.  Every year after Christmas I tend to stock up on the clearance decorations and then the following year take those and make different kinds of Christmas decorations and crafts for other people, to sale, and for my own home.  So knowing this you can imagine that I am working on these items for Christmas.

     Thanksgiving, who doesn't like Thanksgiving?  I enjoy the cooking as crazy as it sounds, if I could just get someone to clean up the kitchen afterwards I would be a much happier cook!  I love getting together with my Family and Friends and eating lots of good food and too my Husband's birthday usually falls between the day before, the day of, or the day after Thanksgiving so I have so many things to celebrate this time of year!  And because I don't like turkey and this is one of my hubby's favorites, I get to cook a turkey just for him!

     These are just a few things that make me think about Fall. I am sad to see Summer go for many reasons but one for sure is I DON'T like the cold so I enjoy the Summer sun and warmth.  Now it is time to huddle up on the couch with the kids and watch some really good movies.  We do tend to spend more time together starting around this time of year for that reason so that is for sure one of my major pluses to it being Fall! 

     So now it's your turn, what are your favorite things about Fall?  Is it the brisk cooler days, the fair, spending more time with the Family?  Maybe you and the Family go out and look at the leaves changing.  That is definitely a favorite of mine, I think it is as beautiful as the flowers blooming in the Spring. So please leave a comment below with some of you and your Family activities that you do in the Fall, you never know you may give me or another reader some really great ideas for our Family.  I am always looking new ways to spend with the Family!