Wednesday, April 16, 2014

KinderCare and your Child

   Are you looking for the safe haven for your little ones before, or after school? Or maybe your child isn't old enough for school and you need a daycare that not only takes care of your children but is also a learning experience for them.  At KinderCare they offer just that, the experience of being in a classroom and learning, they get great social skills, and are on a routine that when they do start school will assist the child in knowing how to be well behaved.  I know when my oldest was only 3 he started into a pre-Kindergarten program and it helped him out a lot.  The Pre-K program isn't as strict as going to school because they do understand that they are young but at the same time he learned that there is a time and a place for everything,  He learned how to get along with other kids and was better prepared for kindergarten when he started.

     Check out KinderCare and see if they are what you are looking for.  They will give you a tour of the facility and answer any questions you may have!  They also offer after school care for your school aged children and have great operating hours for working parents!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Purex Crystals ~Review & Giveaway~

Disclaimer: I received a free bottle of Purex Crystals limited edition Fabulously Fresh to try for myself and share my thoughts.  The opinions expressed are solely my opinions and are not biased in anyway.

     As a Mother and Wife of 4, I am NEVER caught up on doing laundry.  It seems to be one of those tasks that you almost dread doing simply because you never seem to get caught up.  It is also a daunting task when you have a bed wetter because you have added bed clothes on top of the already mountain of dirty clothes. I have tried many different things from washing the bed clothes in baking soda to remove the bad smell and just couldn't find anything that really worked.  I was washing her bed clothes twice just  to help get the smell removed.

     Until now, I haven't been able to find the perfect laundry detergent, but I have found that Purex laundry detergent gets your clothes clean, smells fresh and they are all bright.  When you add the Purex Crystals into the laundry you now have great smelling clothes that last for weeks NOT days! I have been using Purex Crystals now for many months and the detergent and the crystals are both a great price.

     Do you enjoy the fresh smell of clean laundry?  Even after you have folded them and put them away?  I do and now with the new Purex Crystals Fabulously Fresh you can enjoy the smell of Spring flowers right in your own clothes.  It not only makes your clothes smell fresh and clean but when I use it, it also makes my entire house smell fresh without any sprays or candles burning. I love anything that freshens my clothes and makes my house smell like Spring WITHOUT the pollen. Purex  Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh Crystals work great on all types of laundry from bed wetter bed clothes, to athletes uniforms.  It doesn't reduce the absorbency of your towels, and its safe enough to use on your little ones bed clothes.  Nothing is any better than crawling into your bed at night after a long day of work and inhaling that wonderful clean sheet smell, and it works all week long!

     How do you manage to maintain your laundry pile ups?  Do you do all of the laundry or do you share the chore with someone else in your house?  Since my bed wetter is 10, I have been teaching her to do laundry so she can assist me with cleaning her bed clothes.  Prior to this experience I have been the sole laundry

     Would you like to win a FREE bottle of the new Purex Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh Crystals?  All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter instructions and I will draw a winner on 4/21/2014.  Share the post on facebook, pinterest, twitter, and any other social media group you have. One lucky winner will get a free bottle and can enjoy the same great freshness that I have!

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