Friday, March 7, 2014

Abuse comes in Many Forms

     When you think of abuse what is your first thought?  I have to admit I think of child abuse, spousal abuse, and maybe even substance abuse  but not often do we think about Elder abuse! Elder abuse happens everyday in America but sadly may times this abuse unreported by the victims.  Below I have included a chart with many different stats that show not only the number of victims but by whom they are abused.  Many of the victims are injured intentionally by family members and then there are the ones that get injured because they are forced to do things that they are not capable of doing alone and needs assistance, for example getting out of the bed alone.  Sometimes the elders are not just victimized and abused physically but maybe they are deprived of food, needed services, or their money and prize possessions are stolen right out from under them.  One of the biggest things that I can think of that happens today is that the victims are given an asprin for pain while the caretaker is stealing their pain meds.   I knew of a young man that was taking care of his Father and he would take the Morphine while his dad laid there and suffered.  His dad was sent home to die in the comfort of his own home and this is how he was treated.  Sadly it angers me to think that someone can abuse defenseless children and our elders that can't take care of themselves.

Do you know of anyone that may have been victimized, or maybe heard of someone?  I would love for my readers to share their stories.  Sometimes the best way to stop another person from becoming a victim is to talk about it and know the signs of abuse.  If you know of anyone going through this please call your local authorities and let them investigate it.  You DO NOT have to give your name when you call and you may actual be the Angel they need to save their life!

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