Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jesus Daily Review

I am a person that can use a little inspiration each day but I don't always know where to get it or what I need.  I was given The Jesus Daily to do a review on and let me tell you.  Though I started almost at the end of the book and only got to read a couple of weeks, I found a good way to start my day.  There is a daily inspiration for all 365 days of the year.  This is a book that once you have read it, you can just go back and get a little extra inspiration that day.
This past week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life because my 6 year old got the FLU.  It has taken a toll on not only her with 104+ temperatures but it has taken a toll on me, her Mama.  I have sat up about every night making sure she can breathe, and checking her temp to make sure she was OK.   Through all the troubles I have had this week I would find just one minute to read the daily devotion and trust me when I say that it helped, it helped. 
On December 14th 2003, I lost my 7 month old nephew.  It makes it hard this time of year, because you tend to think of the loved ones we lost and find it hard to remember the good times you had with them  Well, because of losing him around this time of year when one of my little ladies gets sick, I worry that it may be worse than I think and I can't seem to rest until they feel better.
While I have sat up these many nights, making sure my baby was OK I have not only just read my Jesus Daily devotion but I have skipped through and read a few others.  It helped guide me in my Bible studies and gave me hope when it appeared there was no Hope left in this world.  Everywhere we turn we see negativity in the world, and it doesn't appear that there is anyway to escape it.  It is on social media, the news, radio, and and even talked about in our schools making it almost impossible to avoid.  But with this book, if not but for a moment gave me a sense a of relief that I'm not alone and he is always with me guiding me in the path that I am on.

Now that I have told you my thoughts on the book, I have one that I would like to share with my readers.  All you have to do is follow Via GFC, and leave me a comment telling me the name you followed under.  Also Tell me what you do for a daily inspiration in this world of demise.  What gives you daily Hope, and understanding? That's it, and I will draw a Random winner on 12/22/14.
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