Monday, October 27, 2014

Purex Crystrals Review

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of the Purex Crystals to try out for myself and to give my opinion of the product.  However the statement below is 100% mine and is not forced upon me by any means.  What I have written are my words and not someone else unless other wise stated I.E. my family expressed their thoughts on the products.

First let me tell you that I am a huge fan of Purex.  I love the detergent, the scent boosters, and even the Fabric softener sheets.  Purex hasn't failed me yet and after having seen everything they have out, I tend to ask myself can they really out do themselves?  Well, yes they can and they have!

Purex has now come out with Purex Crystals Aromatherapy blends, and I can't say enough about them.  As usual the price is right, they smell great, and make even my kids stinky socks nose worthy.  I was given the Energy blend and everyone in my house thinks I have done something different but they just don't know what.  Truth is, I really haven't done anything different but Purex has.  

The new scents are:
Well Being brightens any mood with the happy fragrance of fresh blossoms
Energy helps you tackle any day with the stimulating power of citrus
Serenity keeps you calm all day long with the gentle scent of water-lilies

Can you imagine having something to wash your laundry with that would actually give you little boost of energy, give you the calming effect for the day, or make you just feel happy for the day?  I asked myself how do I know which boost to use?  Maybe I don't want energy that day but I need the Well Being or Serenity.  Honestly, I couldn't answer that question but I do know that any of the three would be great pretty much anytime.  Now that being said, I want the Serenity in my bed sheets just for the obviousness of the relaxing spirit it would bring, or maybe the Well Being,but definitely NOT the Energy.  When I go to bed I tend to want to sleep, although that seems to be the time I think about other things that I didn't get done that day or what I have to get done tomorrow.

Now, there are other uses for the boosters besides just using them in your laundry.  These are not things that Purex has said you can use them for so I say try at your own risk but I myself have tried them with no problems.  One use is you can put some in a sheer bag and place pretty much anywhere.  In your closet, in your drawers, or just place randomly throughout your house.  It just gives a wonderful scent to everything and nothing smells better to me than clean laundry.  If you have pets or small children you do want to keep these where they can not get them and/or eat them. I have also placed them in cabinets where I keep older books so that I don't smell the old paper but the sweet aroma of the Purex crystals.  I wouldn't recommend using them around any food products, especially any food products that are exposed (onion, apples, etc)

Have you tried the New Purex Crystals aromatherapy line?  What is your favorite part about the Purex Crystals?  Share your ideas of other ways that you can use them, and how you use them in your house!