Sunday, June 22, 2014

Do you long for a dishwasher? A double oven?

     If you had a choice of the perfect Kitchen what would you have in it? What would you replace and what would you replace it with?  For me the perfect Kitchen would have plenty of storage and cabinets, it would have an open floor plan with lots of sitting and standing room, it would have very relaxing but yet vibrant colors and the appliances, oh my!  I would love to have the Kitchen Aide strand mixer with all the attachments, a very efficient refrigerator with lots of storage options, my stove would have the built in grill and griddle and I would love to have a bay window with seating or just a place to put my houseplants.

     If I have to be honest I would really love to have a Self Cleaning Kitchen, by that I mean one that cooked and cleaned itself.  Dreaming, I know but it does sound really great.  You just can't have enough storage and with the right appliances you don't need to have too many big bulky items.  With the KitchenAide Mixer you can get one appliance that offers many, many attachments to make this an all in one machine.  I love baking so I have to admit that, this would be the main purpose of me purchasing one, but when I found out about all the different attachments I was blown away.  If you are a hunter you can get the meat grinder attachment and grind your own meat, Yo can make homemade ice cream, or even your own pasta. This means to me that I don't have to have all of these different appliances because it is all in one and gives me much more storage space.  I can also bake a cake for a birthday party or any occasion and have homemade ice cream to go with it! 

     Again I ask, if you could choose the perfect kitchen or appliance what would it be?  Would it be anything like mine or would you have so much more?  Maybe I missed something or you have a better idea.  Please share your ideas so we can see from a different view!

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