Sunday, June 29, 2014

Be prepared for the Sea

Taking the old sailboat out for a spin? Or maybe you're just hopping on a friend's yacht for a day of sunshine and luxury. Whatever your reasons for going to sea, you should always be prepared for the worst. Here are four things to throw in your bag before your trip.

1: Anchor Chains

Anchors are no use at all without sturdy, high-quality chains, so the wise boaster always keeps a spare in case of emergencies. Things like length and material type are up to you; just make sure your chosen chain is strong enough to handle whatever the sea can throw at it.

2: Two-Way Radio

You never know what will happen when you're miles from civilization, and cellphones don't always get reception in the middle of the water. Take a two-way radio on your voyage just in case.

3: Power Strips

They may seem like a modern indulgence, but you'll be glad you brought them when you're simultaneously trying to charge your laptop, power up a microwave and boost the signal of your GPS navigation system. Most boats only have a few electrical outlets to their name, so a power strip can triple or even quadruple your fun.

4: Windlasses

Winches and windlasses are absolutely critical components of operating heavy machinery. You'll find them on everything from your anchor to your boat lift, so don't ever leave shore without a few extra, not unless you want to risk getting stuck on the water.

These are just four essentials for readiness at sea. Click here to buy more parts, tools, gadgets and other equipment for your trip!