Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Blog Workshop Confrence, are you attending? #TBW


  Are you attending the Blog workshop Conference? This is a conference that has made it easy for everyone to attend.  There is no travel, hotel stay, or extra food cost, because this conference will be held online.  I know several people that have always wanted to attend a blog conference but because of the costs involved can not attend, myself included, but this year because this one is online, I also have the opportunity to attend and don't have to leave my family.

     I am also a person when I go somewhere, purchase something, or do something, I like to know that I am helping someone out.  Kind of like a donation to a cancer society or women's shelter.  With the purchase of the Blog Workshop Conference tickets, 10% of ALL sales will go to Wellspring Living, and Atlanta Day Shelter for women and Children.  So this is a great opportunity for you to learn some new ideas for your blog, meet some of the sponsors from different blog groups, and help out 2 great organizations, Sounds to me like a win/win situation.

Wellspring Living's mission is to confront the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation through awareness, training, and treatment programs for women and girls.

Atlanta Day Shelter's mission is to ease the burden of homelessness for women and children and to assist in establishing self-sufficiency by providing comprehensive education and supportive services in a manner that respects human dignity