Friday, April 12, 2013

NC Man Rapes and Kills 5 year Old, what are your thoughts? Pt 1

 I have written this a 2 part series because there are actually 2 like stories but yet the same.  Let me explain: The first story is of a case that happened a few years ago, and me.  The second story is a more recent story that is currently in the court system now! I would like each of my readers to really just think about what you read, look at the links given, and leave a comment.  I only ask that you keep language G-Rated and remember that this is a Family Blog!
Precious Whitfield, Killed 5/17/2002
Eric Lane convicted of Killing and Raping Precious Whitfield

     Before I get started too deep into this one, I just feel I should tell you who this man is.  This is my first husband.  We were married for 3 years and I had a beautiful baby boy because of it, that I do not regret, however the marriage sucked!  There are few quotes that sum it up and they are "God will only bring you to, what he can bring you thru", and "What don't kill us makes us stronger".  Both were very true statements in this marriage.  I left Eric on 8/28/98, he kidnapped me on 9/29/98.  He was only convicted of Felonious Restraint, which only carried a suspended sentence, and probation. Even though his attorney for the Kidnapping trial and my child custody hearing, got up and told the Judge that he had a drug problem, and he was an alcoholic, He was still granted visitation with my toddler son.  The Judge looked at me and my Mother and said "Ms. Blizzard (my maiden name) if you don't allow this child to go with his Father I will personally come lock you up for 30 days in contempt".  So now I am the Criminal, all I did was show up for court, but that is out system.

     This is a really hard topic for me and there is no way I can express how I feel.  I am torn between a rock and a hard place because 1) This is my Ex-husband, 2)He is the father of my son, 3) I know Eric and how he was.  You see, Eric could not read 1st grade level, and in the investigation they talk about reading and writing.  He could not even spell my name Jennie!So now with that said here is a document that you must read.  It is extremely hard to read and understand how, or why, but it is imperative to this post.  Because I feel I am  bias in this story I have decided to pull me out and let you read it from the NC State for yourself.  State vs. Eric

     After reading this article, please feel free to comment. Don't hold back because of me just hold back the language and be courteous.  This is very hard for me to put out to the world that he was my husband and feel that because I have opened myself up that you can be courteous enough to me.  I am sharing not because I want anybody to know who I was married to, but because there is another case in NC that is currently going on and I am seeking answers.
     What I did not tell anyone is that my birthday is 5/17 and I was born @7:30 PM.  Now if you read the article you will see the coincidence in this date, if you did not you may want to go back and visit!  Again this is very hard for me and I feel like I am all over the place with this post.  I have so much to say but want to keep a lot of my opinion out of it.
     I will tell you this, When the Family FINALLY reported Precious missing they told Law Enforcement they thought they had to wait 24 hours to report it (TV shows).  This is NOT the case and if your child is missing and you can not located them yourself, call your local Police station immediately.  FYI, Precious was reported missing about 12 hours after being dropped off, not 24.  It is better to report it and find them at a friends house than to not report it and find them in a ditch somewhere.  When the Family was asked about Precious whereabouts they told the Sheriffs Deputy that is was not unusual for Precious to leave and go off with neighbors, even to the beach and they not know it.  HELLO, seriously?  Even if that was the honest to God's truth I would have NEVER told that to anybody!  Then when the media interviewed some of Eric's neighbors they all said the same thing, "They all thought he was strange, or weird."  SO why would you allow your child to go to this man's house?

Here are some other links to media coverage, and newspaper articles that you may also read and watch to better understand what is going on here!  It is really a sad story, and traumatized both me and my son which will be 15 in July.  He was only 4 years old when this happened, and struggles to deal with this daily.

WRAL Jury Sentences Lane o Death
WITN Death Sentence
State Supreme Court to hear Lane's appeal

Thank you for reading and Remember April is National Child Abuse month.