Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Written by Travis Thrasher

About the Author
Travis Thrasher is the author of more than a dozen works of fiction, including The Solitary Tales series, Isolation, and Ghostwriter. His writing is known for its honesty, depth, and   surprising twists. Thrasher lives with his wife and daughters in Chicago.
My thoughts:

To be perfectly honest I had a hard time finding the time to read this book at first.  I had read some and put it down, but something kept telling me that  you really need to read this book.  It also did not help that my Sister has just about read it and talks about it being a really good book, so I picked the book and starting trying to read again.  

In the beginning it starts out with what you would think to be a happy story, with the 2 brothers and their treasure.  They are looking a place to hide it and you catch yourself, or I did me, looking for a place to hide it too!  But suddenly to the story changes and starts talking about a monster.  I wasn't sure exactly what was going on so of course now I have to keep reading to figure who this monster is that they are so afraid of.  Once I got to this point I could not put the book down.

Without telling you the story I will tell you this, I was married to a man that beat and abused me for the 3 years that we were married.  Now, with that being said I did not ever find where this monster actually hit the boys or his wife but instead it was more of a mental abuse.  If you ask me there is no difference, abuse is abuse no matter how it comes.  But because of what this little guys father had done to him growing up, he became one of the best baseball players ever, unfortunately he also picked up some his Father's bad habits.  This I will let you read and find out!

It was a very interesting read, but at the same time it was a difficult read for me.  If you know anyone that has ever suffered any kind of abuse you know that they have a hard time dealing with stressful issues.  I have always heard that "What doesn't kill us, make us stronger".  I guess on some levels that is true but I can tell you from experience that sometimes we appear to be stronger than most people but we are really weak on the inside.  

Then we are opposed with he question here, Can people really change?  What do you think?  I think with God anything is possible and that is a big part of this story.  It is a MUST READ! There is a quote that I read and it says "No one is beyond the healing of God. 

This is a great book to read and I recommend this everyone.  I also can't wait for the movie to come out on April 19, I really would like to see how they take the info from the book and put it into motion.  But don't wait, one of my readers will have a chance to get a preview of this book.  All you have to do is follow the rafflecopter and keep a check on your email.  Once I have drawn a winner via Rafflecopter, I will send an email.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond and if no response then I will have to draw a new winner.

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