Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whiffits Review

     Do you wake up in the morning and think, I wish I could find a weight loss program that will work for me.  Maybe you are not looking to lose but 10 pounds and you just can't seem to get it gone.  Well, I have been the opportunity to try out Whiffits.  I am not a person that you would consider to be over weight by far but I would love to lose a few pounds and firm up before summer.

    I have just recently received a sample and only used it a few times.  From what I have experienced in the last few days I will tell you that this product is awesome.  It really does help you with the mid afternoon cravings.  I am an afternoon junkie and while I was using these I ate a reasonable lunch and wasn't hungry again until supper time.  It also helped with with that pre bed snack that I just enjoyed for the heck of it!  Now I don't need nor want a snack.

     Because I have only started using the whiffits, I will have a follow up post in a bout a week or two so that I can confirm that they really work well and give my final opinion of them!  Just from the small amount of usage I have used them for so far I love them!

Because Whiffits is so great they have not only given me a sample to try but they are also going to give me one to give away!  Keep posted because next week I will give my final thoughts on them and start the giveaway for one lucky reader!