Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top 5 Disney World Tips for Mommy Bloggers

Guest post by Kendra Thorton

Top 5 Disney World Tips for Mommy Bloggers

Although a vacation at the Walt Disney World Resorts is likely to make lasting memories, some of those memories could be filled with anxiety and stress. You can survive your trip to Disney this Spring Break by following some of the tips below, making it a vacation that be smooth sailing!

1. Meet Thee Mouse Himself!
Whether your first meal of the day is eaten in the company of Mickey or Ariel, your child will feel as though he or she is part of the magic. With advance booking, Cinderella or one of her princess colleagues can welcome your child to her Royal Table restaurant in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. There or at any of the accommodations that offer character dining, your little prince or princess will feel like royalty.

2. Sleep While You Ride
Get up an hour early and nap on the Monorail or ferry on the way to the park. You can head back to your hotel quickly for a lunchtime siesta and stay an hour later than the guests who were bused in. A quick ride on either will take you from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot Center.

3. Stay Local
Staying in one of the on-site hotels, ranked amongst some of the top hotels in Orlando, gives you access to the park for an extra two hours. If you get to the Magic Kingdom before the midday heat hits, you can spend the afternoon back at the hotel, lounging by the pool.

4. Take Advantage of Kid-Friendly Resources!
Don’t worry about lugging around a heavy bag. You can grab a diaper at one of Disney’s Baby Care Centers, and you can rent a stroller at the park. Whether it’s you or your child who needs a break, you can rest in the air conditioning at a Baby Care Center, available at all four theme parks.

5. Make a To-Do List to Make Your Life Easier
Make this one a little shorter than your daily list of tasks at home, and leave yourself plenty of time to relax in between activities. A downloadable app will tell you how long the lines are at the various attractions, and a FASTPASS lets you jump to the front of the line.

Saving all that time at the park will give you more hours to take advantage of the amenities at your hotel. Have the kids help with the planning too. Ask them to make a collage of photos they find and give them choices so they can get in on the fun. After all, whose vacation is this? I hope these tips make your life a little easier this vacationing holiday!