Sunday, March 17, 2013

Me In a Tree Review

First let me say I apologize to both my readers and to the Me in a Tree panel.  I have been extremely busy with taxes, and then on top of everything else my dentists decides he is going to have to do surgery.  I had a tooth pulled and it originally broke pieces of bone off of my jawbone, in which was coming up through my gums.  It has been extremely painful but I think I am getting much better.  I go back in a month for my post post opp appt. and we are praying that the gum has decided to start healing like it is suppose to!

     With that out of the way, I have a wonderful program for the family that just never seems to have the time talk get together and talk or maybe you just don't know what to talk about.  Me in a Tree, is a program that allows all of the family members to set up an account and do different tasks.  The main task that we used as a family was the Family Huddle.  We all pretty much came to the office, found us a comfortable chair, and let the program guide us.  The program gave us topics to discuss and gives time for each family member to respond to that question and/or topic.  Some may be as simple as what was the most exciting thing that happened to you this week, or Did you have a bad day & how did you handle it.  It was more of a guide to get everyone involved in the conversations and they were allowed to speak their mind.  Once we were through with what the program suggested we even spent another 15 - 20 minutes talking with each other and me and the 2 girls started planning my oldest daughters birthday party. 

     Today March 17 is my daughter's 9th birthday but we will be having her party next Saturday.  So me and the girls have been using the tools that we learned form Me in a tree to learn how to talk to each other and learn what the other is asking or wanting.

     The me in a tree program offers several other great ideas to help the family stay organized like a to do list, a calender, and a journal for you to just take notes and keep up with your busy life that we as parents often have.  I know my schedule on a daily basis does not allow me to just sit around and watch TV for hours at a time or take extra long naps.  I have so much to do that at times I forget to do simple things or just opt to not do them because of time constraint.

     If  you have a family that is busy with ball games, school recitals, or just plain busy with work then I strongly recommend that you check out this program.  You will find that it will greatly assist in making time with the family and bring you closer together.