Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Etched upon my Heart... ~Review & giveaway~

Etched...Upon My Heart: What We Learn and Why We Never Forget
Written by Jill Kelly
Releasing on January 22, 2013

About the Author: Jill Kelly is the wife of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. In September 1997, months after their infant son, Hunter, was diagnosed with a fatal disease called Krabbe Leukodustrophy, Jim and Jill founded the Hunter’s Hope Foundation. As chairman of the board of Hunter’s Hope, Jill helps children suffering from Leukodystrophy, and their families by raising awareness and research funds to fight this devastating disease. She and Jim live in Buffalo, NY, with their two daughters and three dogs. Hunter’s Hope Foundation can be found online at www.HuntersHope.org. Jill is also the author of Without A Word

My Thoughts...

    Etched upon my heart to me was a story or more like a letter from a Mother to her Daughter.  In fact that is the case.  Mrs Kelly tells stories of her life growing up and how what some people would say to her and how it would change the way she felt about other people and other things.  Do you know the REAL definition of Love?  In most cases we always think we do and in some cases I guess we do.  To me a Mother's love and God's love are the only real true loves we will ever know.  I was one of the fortunate one's that was raised by both my Mother and my Father, and so I can't tell you how it feels to not have one.

     This books talks of the great things that happen in our life from childhood right up to adulthood!  Mistakes that have been made and I must admit, I was always pretty good at saying "NO".  I give that credit to my parents because they raised me to be a strong young adult, however we have to have some will of our own and if we don't, well we fall to peer pressure.  This was a very heart warming story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

     To tell you all the things I learned would really ruin the book for you, yourself to read.  I found myself reading a chapter and then looking back saying "Hey, I remember when I went through some of the same things!"  I not only learned a lot about e but I learned a lot about Mrs. Jill Kelly also.

For one LUCKY reader I have a copy to give away!  Just follow the rafflecopter rules and you may be just that one!  I can make one promise, rather  you win it or buy it, you will not be disappointed!  The book is due to release TODAY 1/22/2013!  Good Luck :)


Praise of Etched...Upon My Heart 
"Jill courageously allows us into the rawest moments of her personal journey, and invites us to join the process by which love is defined, fear becomes faith, and suffering becomes sovereign. Undoubtedly, if "moments are measured by depth, not by length", then the moments that you will spend reading ETCHED UPON MY HEART will serve as some of your most valuable..."
       --- Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Co-Host ABC THE VIEW
"Jill Kelly writes with a raw honesty that is both rare and refreshing.  ETCHED...UPON MY HEART will both break your heart where it needs to be broken and heal your heart at the same time."
       --- Mark Batterson, Pastor of National Community Church, author of The Circle Maker  
"I am taken ... with the words in ETCHED...UPON MY HEART and the heart of the writer who wrote them, Jill Kelly. As a mother, Jill spoke to the place in me that desires to make a lasting imprint on my children's lives. As a woman, she touched the place in me that knows well of the struggle to love, lose, forgive, live faithfully, find significance. As a believer in Jesus, she stirred my deep gratitude for redemption and the God who makes all things well. There is a richness that comes from a life that has lived this, and Jill Kelly has poured her own onto the pages of ETCHED. I just read it, and I want to read it, again."
       --- Lisa Whittle, speaker, Compassion advocate, author of {w}hole

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