Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wedding Centerpieces. High Quality, Low Cost

     Everyone that you invite your wedding is going to be looking at the Bride and how beautiful she is in her gown, the Groom and just how handsome he is in his Tuxedo.  The Brides maids and Groomsmen have to look top shape and their clothes must fit just right also because they are center stage with the Bride and Groom and everyone will notice, just not as much as their are noticing the Bride and Groom.

     One thing that we don't really consider is how much everyone will notice the center pieces but if yo think about it, while your guests are at the reception and eating their dinner the centerpiece is the one thing that is in their face and will be seen by so many.  So at you can get the custom made centerpieces that go with the theme, and colors but are not overwhelming to look at.  While you want them to be a focus of the table you never want them so big that they take over the table.  Wedding centerpieces should be elegant but yet not too over done.