Thursday, December 6, 2012

Unique Wedding favors

      I always enjoy going to weddings, and seeing the beautiful Bride and handsome Groom.  It is a day that you want to remember but deciding that unique wedding favors can be a little difficult.  With Weddingstar you can choose from so many different ideas.  Pictured above was one of my favorites rather you are 5 or 55.  They are little gumball machines with a cute ribbon(color of choice) and and tag.  You can even get personalized candies to put into them to make it an even more Unique wedding favor for your wedding.
     Maybe you have decided to delegate the job of finding the perfect wedding favors for your Mother and Mother in law.  They can't go wrong here.  weddingstar has the perfect favors in any color, and at a Price that can't be resisted.  They can customize any favor you choose and make it work for your perfect day!