Monday, April 16, 2012


Content by Mitch Osborne

My fiance and I are having a total cable vs satellite debate. I can't believe how many things there seem to be that we don't exactly agree on. Most of these small issues didn't come up until we started planning moving in together. I guess people are just used to certain things and how they are done and don't want to change. I know I grew up watching my parents do things a certain way and I seem to think that is the only way to do things. I am starting to see that we are going to have to make some compromises. I hope all of these disagreements aren't a bad sign about our marriage. It isn't like we are getting into fights over these issues, it is just that we have to talk through every little decision and I didn't expect that. I pictured it going a little smoother. Like we would just pick a house and everything would fall into place. I can't imagine us trying to decorate together! That will be interesting.