Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great Gifts any Woman at Easter

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    Here comes Petter Cottontail, Hopping down the bunny trail, Hippity hoppity Easter's on its way!  Are you ready for Easter?  How about your little ones's?  I know mine are ready for the Easter Bunny to come see them!


     Easter is one of my favorite holidays because I get to dye eggs, and hide them for my little girls to go find.  We spend hours boiling the eggs, dying and then we have even more fun decorating them.  Other things I enjoy about Easter is cooking the meal we will sit and enjoy and as a Family, and Making cute little crafts to give he Grandparents for Easter!  In this post I will share some really cute ideas that you can do with your children, They will be very pleased at what they have accomplished and it can be used as a centerpiece to your Easter Lunch, Easter decor, or as a gift to a special loved one (like Grandma). 


jelly bean tulips 1.jpg


Material needed:

  1. Small and large glass vases
  2. Jelly beans (flavor of choice and colors)
  3. cut tulips


  1. Place small vase inside of large vase
  2. Fill large vase in between small vase with the jelly beans up to top of small vase
  3. Fill small vase with water
  4. Arrange the cut tulips in the small vase

An addition to this project is to take and put a lower level of jelly beans on the bottom between the large and small vase and then arrange peeps (color depending on your home decor) up to the top of the small vase!  These are really cute ideas that not only do make a great decor but are also edible.


     If you are trying to think just who would enjoy something like this here are a few ideas: Friends and Family are the usual that come to mind, but maybe you don't have anyone near but want to do something special for the Easter holiday!  Why not make a few of these and take the a local nursing home, or to the hospital for patients, nurses, your local fire or police?  When the holidays come around I always think about the shut ins that can't leave their house and no one ever really comes around to visit.  These are a great way to tell them You are not forgotten and we love yo




Materials Instructions

1) Place small glass vase inside large glass vase.

2) Arrange jelly beans in between 2 vases to the top of the small vase.

Cut tulips

Jelly Bean Candy

2 Glass vases (Large/Small) 3) Fill small vase with water

4) Arrange tulips inside small vase.


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