Friday, January 27, 2012

Criminal Lawyers in CA

      Have you ever done something stupid or know someone who has?  I guess in a way we all have at some point.  Do you ever wander really what makes us do some of the things that we do?  I do, and I have looked into a few.  There is a California Criminal Lawyer, that is great and will help you out if you or someone you know is in this situation.
     I have a son and a daughter that are both diagnosed with ADHD and alot of the times they do things that a normal child would not do.  For example, all children will tell you a lie but an ADHD child will do it much more often, almost as if they have no control over the situation.  If you ask them why did you do that, the response I get every time is "I don't Know".  It angers me because I too am ADHD and I think it is actually harder for me to deal with their problems while trying to deal with mine.  ADHD is a disorder that is very troublesome because I really do believe the children and adults alike suffer from problems socially and mentally that in the end cause them to get involved with the wrong people, or do stupid things. Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer agree that maybe there is more to it.

     My son which is now 13 years old has progressed into his problems.   He has gone from telling lies about any and everything to stealing.  As far as we know it has been minimal or at least maintained to the family.  Last summer he stole about $2,000.00 from my parents in gold coins, jewelry, and cash.  I was devastated when I found out and I made him take everything he took from them back to their house and explain his self.  The best answer would could get from home was that him and his cousin were going to take the money and buy stuff with it, and of course sell the jewelry for cash!  Since then I have tried really hard to pay much more attention to what he is doing and I ask myself why, on everything!  If I can't come up with an answer I approach him.  ADHD is a very serious disorder that should not be taken lightly, and if you or someone you know is ADHD then please seek the medical attention you need.  With proper attention you can live a fulfilled life without Crime!