Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Fun Outdoors

Do you remember when you were little and begging your mother to go outside and play. Even if you didn't have the biggest, fanciest toys in the nighborhood you always managed to have a great time and wanted to go out early in the morning and stay til late at night! I have in the last 10 to 15 years meet children that do not enjoy going outside, WHY? Have times changes that much since I was a little girl? I don't really think so but maybe it is technology!

As a child I did not have the fancy swings, trampolines, and cool outside toys that the other children had. We had better, and they weren't store bought items either. My Daddy was a lil Engineer in his own mind. We had a roller coaster, yes a roller coaster when I was little. It was made out of the big transformer cable going the top of one tree down to another tree, with an old 3 seater truck seat attached at the bottom of the tree. The ride itself was composed of the front handlebar and wheel of an old bike and you would climb the tree, hold tight and ride. We also had a car from one of the fair rides (The Tilt-A-Whirl) that my dad took and made a Merry-go-round out of. Those were the ones the neighborhood kids enjoyed but I myself enjoyed the swings and the See Saw that my dad made. Me and my little sister would sit out there all day long and sing. Don't know if we ever sung a song right or if we even knew the words to one complete song but we would take several songs and make up words as we went. However my sisters weren't the Dirt Monkeys, they liked to play with clean toys I also enjoyed my sandbox my dad made us. I can remember sitting outside for hours at a time playing in the sand and when I was done I would have an entire circus out of sand. Unfortuanatly my parents weren't as big on taking pictures like we are today and as you all know there was no such thing as a digital camera. We had polaroids and Film and both were kind of expensive to develope, so there were no pics to share with my children now.

My children now or did have trampolin but they destroyed it, along with the swings and anything else they got their hands on. As a Family we enjoy going outside playing different games such as basketball, volleyball, riding dirtbikes, camping, hiking, walking, and Cornhole toss. My daughters enjoy the jump roping and games of tag. My children own a nintendo but I do not allow them to sit in the house and watch TV, play video games and play on the computer. I think that is one of the problems with our youth today. I have neice that sleeps, eats, and watches TV. Thats it, she is over weight and very under active. The family uses her Asthma as an excuse for it and I tell them that a little activity every now and then will not hurt her. So I try and keep mine active.

I guess I don't have to tell you that Clorox 2 is like my best friend of laundary just simply because I use it in like every load of clothes. My husband works on cars, Electrical contractor and HVAC technician so he gets really dirty and greasy himself. I just took the Clorox 2 play 2day pledge. I pledged to spend at least 10 hours a week min. with each of my children. If you would also like to take the pledge for your family go here. You can also find Clorox on facebook and follow them on twitter. You can find some really great ideas and tips on keeping your colors very beautiful and your whites still white!

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