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Children and their indivdual sens of style

     Growing up I was always known as the girl that had NO sense of style.  Just because bright neon pink polka dots, and a fire flames were the style did not mean you would see Jennie wearing it.  I have always said that if we had to pick a theme song for ourselves mine would I was Country when Country wasn't cool.  Yes I am a huge country fan but I was like that with everything.  I didn't let or allow what anybody else was doing influence me decisions.  I'll never forget I had a pair of cotton pants, they were a beach scene and on the backside there were two moons.  Just so happened they were evenly spaced and one, well on each side!  I now look at my children and think Wow, how much they are like me to some degree!  I have three children in the home and I am about to tell how each one has their individual style in clothing!  It is kind of interesting to hear.

     First there is my son, he just turned thirteen yesterday and well lets just say he still has alot left to be desired.  He is in the middle school and they wear uniforms to school so as far getting him up in the morning and picking out clothes it is not a problem.  However on the weekends and during the summer woo!  Everything this child wears looks like he pulled it from somebody trash can the night before and sometimes after a good hard rain.  Wrinkles? Who cares cause he don't and if it is stained that just means he has really enjoyed that pair of shorts.  As with most Little boys the knees are ALWAYS the first to go.  As a little boy I would get a pair of old jeans and cut patches out of them and put a second layer in the knees to prevent this from happening.  It works, and then I later realized that they sell these jeans and I don't have to sew them myself anymore.  He has never been a real expensive child to dress except for his shoes, but they never seem to last long.  When I would take him to the doctor I would get so embarrassed because the doctor would say something about his shoes.  I would go and buy him a pair of shoes and within about two weeks they would look like they were ancient.  He was always so hyper and his shoes would take the brunt of it.  I have yet to find a pair of shoes that he can't destroy just by wear and tear of them living his everyday life!

     Then there is the seven year old daughter!  She is most definitely my follower!  She has two cousins that are eleven years old and what ever they are into, well so is she.  Right now it is peace signs, pink, and zebra stripes.  And too like most little girls she likes her heels, but she got that one honest.  When it comes to dressing up I only wear my three inch heels!  As far as the cuts of her clothes in doesn't matter as long as it fits.  Now you have to know that ALL of us (me and children) have a hard time finding clothes fit because we are tall and skinny.  So to get her waist to fit right the length is too short.  During the summer time it isn't quiet so bad because she is wearing shorts anyway, but now I have to be careful to not get them TOO short!  Hailey too could care less if they are dirty or wrinkled if they fit and comfortable.  That one I don't know where they get it from because I did at least want clean clothes.  My Granny Grandma used to get on me about the wrinkles and as a teen I finally told her one day that they would fall out!  So I know where the wrinkles come from!

     OK now we are on the two year old.  Do they really have a sense of style?  I did when I was that age and I think they do!  I never liked the ruffled socks and little dresses! YUCK!  Not the case with this one.  She does love her a dress and the dressier the better she likes it.  She wears what I out on her of course but enjoys them.  She already enjoys getting her mama's high heels and even sissy's high heels and prancing around the house.  My mother found a size 2 for infants when she was smaller and she loved them so much and even now she still continues to try and wear them.  Bless her heart they are so small but it dies not stop the determination of trying.  If the truth be told about this one, she had much rather be naked than to have anything on! We go through alot of clothes  during the daytime with her because she will run and hide in another room and strip her clothes off.  I have had some to ask why not just put the same clothes back on her and my response is "I do when I can find them".  She tends to hide them as if she will not have to get dressed if Mama can't find them, so then she just gets a clean outfit.

     With three different little ones in the house you get to see alot of different styles of clothing, the way they wear their hair, the music they want to listen too, and who they are friends with!  If your child is like mine and each has their own sense of style and or even hard to fit you can go to or visit the store to find everything your child needs or could possibly want.

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Peas and Thank you... Ten tips on getting your little ones to eat their veggies

     Ah, this can be every parents nightmare. Trying to get the little ones and sometimes older ones to eat their veggies.  Here are just a few things I have learned with my children.  I have they are 13, 7, 7, and 2 and for the most part they do pretty good with eating their fruits and veggies.  In fact the fruits are in most cases the easiest to accomplish!

1.  Start with infancy - When my children started on the baby foods instead of starting them on the fruits likes banana's and peaches I did the peas and carrots.  Once I had introduced the vegetables to my children and got them where they would eat them then I would introduce a fruit along with a veggie I knew they liked.  Kind of like when you eat supper you like a little chocolate cake for dessert, well that is how I started mine.

2.  Don't force it - Have the child to try it, if he/she don't like it move on.  I always put just a little on their plate every time and tell them to try it and if they don't like it they don't have to eat it.  Even I have some veggies I don't like but over time I have learned that I do like them, so I myself do as I teach my children and try different things in the hopes that I too will like them now!

3.  Add cheese - It may sound crazy, but this one really works.  I myself do not like cheese and it does not like me, we get along just fine like that!  However my children love it, so I try incorporate it into the veggies when they say they don't like a certain one like broccoli!  There are also other sauces you can get some more so healthy than others, that will allow you and your family a different taste.  Try and find out what your child likes and work the veggies in there, you will be amazed at the responses you get when it comes to supper after that.

4.  mix it - I don't eat broccoli myself but found that if I would make Stir Fry with broccoli, peas, carrots and other veggies both me an the kids like it.  My son even tells everybody that he likes it now but about the first three times I made it he would throw a temper tantrum. I was never a big fan of carrots as a child but I would eat them in a roast orstew beef.  I guess the beef flavored it so it made it better!

5.  Butter it and wrap it - I know it is full of trans fats and cholesterol but I love it!  I have found a rice with peas, carrots, and corn mixed in and my son would not eat it.  As soon as he found out I out salt and butter on it he decided he liked it.  I didn't ask alot of questions I just went with it to get him to eat it.  You can also get the pita wraps, choose your main meat for the meal, and set up several different veggies for the wrpas.  Allow your child depending on their age ofcourse, to fix their own wrap and pick their veggies.  This allows them so independance while in reality you still have control.

6.  Likes - Try to prepare at least one veggie you know your child will eat.  I think for  the most part children like corn on the cob, so make it!  Our family favorite at one time mashed potatoes, so I made them all the time!  I would try to add another veggie but atleast I could get them to eat something.

7.  Make it fun - If you have to make a game out of it, then do so.  If that is what it takes to get them to eat it is worth it.  Make designs with their food. 

8.  Snacks - Carrots with ranch dressing, or celery and peanutbutter!  These are a few favorites among children that if they don't or refuse to get their veggies any other way it works.  Some children will not eat a cooked veggie they prefer it raw so put it in a baggie (ziploc bag) or a sealed container and allow them to munch all day!

9.  Juice it - With the new technologies we have to day you can purchase a juicer and or even buy the V8 drinks at stores.  If you make your own add a little fruit to it to make it sweeter.  THe V8 juices offer I beleive 2 full servings of veggies a glass and they too have the fruit and veggie mix.  Again this is another my little ones seem to enjoy not even realizing their getting the veggies needed for a healthy body.

10.  Allow play - My daughter gets in trouble for playing with her food at the table.  My hubby can't stand it but when we are eating alone if she wants to make a mountain with her potatoes and use the corn for lava OK.  THe deal is if she plays with it she has to eat it.  I don't allow her to play with it and make a mess with it and then not eat it.  On this one we start to lose table manners, so it is almost a step in the wrong direction!  When you go to the grocery store take your child with you and let them help you decide which veggies you are going to have.  We have a grocery store  here that has tiney grocery carts and my daughter ALWAYS has to have one, so I allow her to help me pick some of the things we will have. 

     No matter which route you go or which one you use, as long as you can get your child and even aults alike to eat their veggies then it is a success.  My 2 year has gone through stages where all she would eat is veggies and now it is meat, and she don't even want french fries.  So I don't fight her too bad now because I know she will eat it we are just going through a phase!  You know your child and what they will and will not eat, and even their allergies.  Don't force them to eat everything on their plate because this can cause bad eating habits and obesity.  Allow them to eat freely but with in reason!  Find what works for you and your family and stick to it.  We are all different on things we enjoy from sports to our foods.  So allow the same for your child.  What they learn now they will continue on in life.  My parents used to get so angry with me because they said "I eat like a bird".  I currently am not overweight and still continue to eat smaller meals and more of them.

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