Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Granny and Hoarding

     Do you know someone who has a really hard  time letting things go or even you yourself?  I find myself keeping things for long periods of time and have a hard time letting them go! 
     My Grandmother was what I would have considered a Hoarder long before I even knew what the definition of a hoarder was.  She has lived in single wide mobile homes for many years and they were always so full of JUNK.  I can remember her having a specified bedroom that had absolutely nothing but old wore out dolls that someone else throwed away because they were missing an arm, or just in horrible shape.  I also remember when she would come to our house, and we were cleaning up if we throwed something away she would inform us that there was nothing wrong with that and we were just wasteful.  I guess sometimes we were and then sometimes we were just sick of the junk that was piling up around us.

     If you live in Texas you can go to Katy Junk Removal and they will actually come to your home and remove any thing you are looking to dispose of from Appliance, to computer recycling.  Their program helps relieve your house of the junk without filling up the landfills.  If you choose to use them you can rest assure that what they pick up will be recycled so they are to be considered a Green Company and helping save the environment!  As of right now they are a Texas based company and give you upfront rates, reasonable disposal, and schedule a convenient pick up time that works for you.  It is easy to get started, all you do is put in your zip code and they will give you rates and times available in your area!

     When my Grandmother passed away January 2010 I had wished we had a company like this in our area.  She ended up with 4 single wide mobile homes and she only lived in one.  They other 3 were just so full of junk that you could not even open the door to get inside.  Then we discovered that she had brand new clothes, towells, sheet sets, etc that still had tags on them but would continue to wear the good ole wore out and comfy clothing.  If you know someone who could use this service please share with them this info and Happy Fall Cleaning!