Saturday, November 5, 2011

E-Vegitarian cookbook ~Review~

     I have been given a great opportunity to review a vegetarian e-cookbook, Confessions of a Red Hot (veggie) Lover.  I must say first and foremost I am not a vegetarian but I do love my veggies!

     I used my hubby as a Guinea pig on a few of these and I must say I was surprised at his response!  He loved the Omelette's and usually he only wants an omelet with sausage or bacon in it! However he too is a big fan of his meat he was very happy with these recipes. Unfortunately my camera is broken so I can't take any pictures to share with you but I promise to upload some as soon as I can get some!

     With these recipes you really don't know that isn't any meat in them unless you prepared the meal or unless you were told.  There are great recipes for your children to help you prepare and I promise it will help you get your little ones eating more veggies!  I have a 7 and 3 year old and sometimes it is a little difficult getting them to try new things but I didn't have a lot of trouble with these!

     Confessions of a Red Hot (Veggie) Lover is available on Amazon and was released June 2011.  It is written, by Belinda Y. Hughes.  For her special diets food blog visit Belinda's page

Discalimer:   The opinions in theis post are solely the opion of mine, I did not receive any comphensation for doing this post.  I did receive a copy of "The Red Hot Veggie Lover" e-cookbook for the purpose of review only!