Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chocolate for Thanksgiving anyone? 18+ Only post

     When you think of Thanksgiving what do you think about?  I think about Turkey and Families getting together and enjoying themselves.  Once you go to your parents house and then to your in-laws house, it is just nice to come home and relax.  If you are like me and you have children then your day still isn't over.  So you spend what little time you have with the little ones before putting them to bed and then it is time for you and your spouse to relax and be Thankful together.  So what do you do, and do you involve Chocolate?  You do if you go to EdenFantasys and at a great price.

     I have found some wonderful items that you can purchase for yourself and your hubby or you can purchase them for gift ideas.  And they are always at really great prices.  My favorite is the Chocolates Sweet Spot Kit - vibrator kit.  The kit is regular $32.99 and on sale right now for $24.74. A saving of $8.25, Thankful now right?  The kit includes a traditional pocket rocket and bullet style vibrators that have a shimmer metallic brown color, and a bottle of chocolate flavored lotion.  They are food grade material, waterproof, and the pocket rocket and bullet are multi speeds.  Can you say Thanksgiving Dessert?

     You can check out EdenFantasys website for video reviews and written reviews.    I found that these were helpful if you are not sure on a particular item or exactly what they were for. You can also ask the manufacturer about their product or ask an expert.  You have the option of being public or as private as you like.  These are both options I cherish because maybe I don't feel comfortable about talking about everything with just everybody!  If you are looking for a great gift item for a special friend or your spouse try EdenFantasys, and rest assure you will not be disappointed!

Disclaimer:  This is the opinion on Jennie from Southern Mom of 4, I was asked to do this post or told what to write, however I did receive a gift card for the participation in the review.  All thoughts are those of mine and no others!