Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I'd Like to visit Virginia Beach


     As a child I loved to go to the beach but my parents always preferred the Mountains.  I guess because it was cooler and they don't swim, fish or lay out so why go, Right?  Well I love the beach still today and I love to take my babies and watch them play in the water!  Although the Ocean does scare me I still enjoy watching my family play.  For that reason I am going to tell you about 10 reasons I would Love to go to Virgina Beach.
Virgina Beach is a Family Beach, a Couples Beach and singles Beachh.  By this I mean there is something for everyone.  Here I have listed 10 different things you can do at Virgina Beach and a little about each one!

1.  Virgina Beach Aquarium and Marine Science -   Here at the Aquarium you and the family can view sharks, barracuda, whales, and other ocean wildlife in a 360 degree viewing tank.  It is educational and entertaining at the same time.  Many have said that it is a GREAT rainy day activity or even if you are on your way home but still have a few hours before leaving but yet you have o leave the hotel you can come here on your way out.

2.  Hunt Club Farm - This is a very inexpensive activity fun for all ages.  They have things for very young children and for older children.  The cost is $3.00 per person and under the age of 2 is FREE! They also offer pony rides for $5.00 each.  HCF is a 23 acre farm that is family owned and it offers petting zoos of donkeys, chickens, pheasants, miniature ponies, llamas, cows, peacocks, turkey's and more.  They also have picnic tables and a shaded playground for the children.  So if you were looking for something cheap for the family to do away from the water then this would be the place to go!
3.  Mystery Shows and Diners - I love a good mystery and I love a good meal.  I don't think is one that I would take the children too simply because I think it would be too much for them.  This is something that sounds like a Fun Re-Date. (I am married so we don't date we re-date, LOL). 
4.  Amusement parks and Arcades - I know some enjoy both and some just enjoy one or the other!  I enjoy both!  Virgina Beach offers several different types of amusement parks from just roller coasters to water parks.  It also offers Arcades for the kid in us.
5.  Tours - There are many different types of tours available to locals and tourists alike.  IF you have never been kayaking now is the time to go.  I personally would love to go but this I think would be for the older children not the babies to toddlers.  They probably should be able to swim some on their own before going on this one!
6.  Spa's and Hair salons - OK so this one is for the Ladies, but I have to admit there is nothing better than a good massage and a day of pampering.  New look for a new day is what I say.
7.  Historic sites and Museums - I have found many different types of sites and museums for the entire family.  They are education, and entertaining some more so than others.  I am from a Military county so I think in some ways the Military museum would be fun but I really enjoy seeing the old Homes and the stories behind them.  As a child I guess the Military Museum would be fun but they enjoy the hands on.
8.  Fishing and boating - I enjoy fishing, boating and hiking and here at Virgina Beach I have found there to be many places that offer all 3.  They have picnic tables for you to enjoy, hiking trails to enjoy the scenery and fishing for those who enjoy it.
9.  Sunsets - Everyone loves a beautiful sunset and especially on the beach.  After a long day on the beach you go back to the room and shower and just sit on the deck or even better on the beach and watch the sunset!

10.  Fun in the sun - Last but not nearly least I think I would just enjoy sunbathing on the beach while the kids and husband play around on the beach making sand castles and playing in the waves.  As I stated earlier I am terrified of the ocean because I can't control the waves so I stay away.  I enjoy walking the beach and picking up seashells, and just playing in the sand with my babies!

     These are just a few reasons why I would like to visit Virgina Beach.  There are many other things to do and see there like the boardwalk, the shopping, and well just time away from home.  There are hotels right on the oceanfront and most have pools so you can also enjoy swimming if you are like me and DON'T swim in the ocean.

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