Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun Family Online Games

     We all know that as parents we want our children to be safe and we do everything we can do ti keep them safe.  When they are online we take precautions to keep them away from dangerous things on the Internet and watch what they see and do.  I am no different from most parents, I want my children ages 2 to 13 to be able to go online and play games like everyone else.  My concern in games are that I want them to be fun, challenging, and teach them something! 

     Well I have found the answer, it is  It is a fun filled website designed to challenge family members against each other or just play one player games.  I have had the opportunity to play now for about two weeks and I have just feel in love. has games form Chess, checkers, to DROP3.  These games are some absolutely just for fun and some are fun and some educational.  The part of education in the biggest part is concentration and to have a quick response.  The games are timed and some are tough for me but ver enjoyable.  Each Family member has their own account and the games are set up and designed to be for that age level.  In other words I am 35 and my games are harder than they would be for my 7 year old.  The children can also play for Nero's which can be turned in for gift cards to a variety of different places.  You can even set up family members that do not live with you such as maybe Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, or friends. 

     My favorite game out of them all is definitely the DROP3 game.  It is a mix of Tetris and Physics.  When you are playing Tetris, you place the object down and try to fill up a row.  On DROP3 your goal is to TRY and get 3 of the same color together, and I am sure you are thinking that is easy.  My husband told me he could beat me at this game because it looks that easy also.  So it was done, he challenged me and I won by about 20,000 points!  It starts out slow and with each level completion it gets faster.  I start paying and then find myself have being on the computer for about an hour playing this one game!

     If you are like me and enjoy your family game time and would like to give a try just click on this llink and start enjoying your game time.  My 2 year old sits with me on some of the games and enjoys watching the diffrent things even though she doesn't understand what is realy going on.  Everyone should really go by and check it out and I would be more than glad to hear your comments on the games you liked, disliked, or overall opinion of the site.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated in any way for writting this post, it is 100% my opinion and thoughts and was not wavred by anyone associated with Ohanarama site.  I was however allowed early access to the games to review.