Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Tips on keeping your Family safe on the road #SafeliteSafe

     Here in Goldsboro North Carolina we are about four hours from the Mountains and 1 1/2 hours from the beach.  Memorial day weekend starts Summer off for us especially at the beach.  The Mountains is alot of fun in the Fall to see the leaves changing colors and the cooler air after a long HOT Summer!  Our family enjoys both for different reasons and would like to share some of the things that we do to help us have a happy and safe road trip.  These are not just tips for a long trip, some of these tips are good to put into practice on a daily basis.

1.  Keep car maintained - Your oil levels, transmission fluids, brake pads, rotors, belts, brake fluid, and water.  This not only helps to avoid a break down on a trip but also helps with longevity of your car.  Simple maintenance now can save you time in travel and fuel cost.

2.  Check your tires - You really want to keep a check on your tire pressure monthly, before a long trip and after.  Tire pressure not only assists in keeping your family safe but also if kept at the proper pressure helps you save fuel.  You should also rotate your tires about every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

3.  Cell Phones - We try to teach our children how unsafe it is to talk/text and drive but do we follow?  If you need to talk or answer have someone else to answer and pull to the RIGHT side median/shoulder.  I specify right because in most states the left side of the road is used for Emergency vehicles. These are a wonderful thing to have in a full charge also if you happen to break down.

4.  Leave home early - Most accidents are caused by drivers being in a hurry to be somewhere and had they just left their house a little earlier the wouldn't be so rushed.  I always like to leave for vacation in the middle of the night because we beat alot of the traffic in the smaller towns and it is much more relaxing than trying to navigate with what seems like thousands of people on the road!

5.  Tired, Sleepy - Don't drive if you are tired or sleepy.  IF there is another driver in the car then rotate out some of the driving, or find a Hotel and get some sleep.  There is NO trip worth losing yours or anyone Else's life  because you were too tired to drive.

6.  Seatbelts, Car seats - - Make sure you and everyone is properly fastened in their seat belt and for the little joys in our life make sure they are in a proper car seat.  If you are not sure which car seat is right for your child you can contact your local Highway Patrol Station and they will help you decide the proper one for child and also now they will show you how to properly install the car seat into your vehicle.  This is free to you and in the long run of safety is PRICELESS!

7.  Rest Areas - If traveling with children of any age it is not a bad idea to stop at almost every rest area.  When me and my Grandmother traveled to GA. we stopped at everyone we came to just to get out and stretch and move around a little.

8.  Children - While keeping them in their car seat they are going to get tired and bored of just riding.  Allow them to take something to do like crayons and coloring books, and I have found that the little TV's that strap to the back of the seat works really well too.  Also you have to make sure that you have set rules that there are to be no fighting or throwing objects in the car.  If they need to play allow them time to run at the rest areas when you stop to release some built up energy.

9.  Don't Offend - Ok so by this I mean to avoid cutting off other drivers, tailgating, and making offensive gestures to other driver.  Be cautious and courteous and use your turn signals when changing lanes.  Check your mirrors and know what the other cars or where the other s cars are before making any moves.  If it is raining, foggy, or the obvious at night be sure to use your headlights.  In some states it is the law that if you need to use your windshield wiper then you need your headlights.  If you are not sure run them the whole time and avoid the high beams if at all possible.

10.  Kits - Whether I am on a trip or just going into town I like to carry my first aide kit and my roadside kit.  Both kits have things that I may need in case of an accident or breakdown.    I also keep extra blankets in the car for the winter months in the event we break down and the battery dies we can wrap up and keep warm.  In the summer months water for Human consumption is kept in mass supply along with snacks like crackers or something that will not melt.

This is only 10 tips but there are so many more things that you can do to keep your family safe while traveling.  In most cases it is just common sense but may be things we don't even think about.  Before my family travels especially on a long trip we say a prayer for God to keep us and others on the road safe.

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