Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy day Blues and how you entertain your kids

     No matter where you live in this world chances are your children get stuck in the house due to weather!  Here in NC our weather is just screwy.  I have seen 80 degree weather on Christmas day and snow in March, we get Tornado's and heaven forbid Hurricanes.  It seems like when we finally get out of the threat of Tornado season we right dab in the middle of Hurricane season.  So how do we keep our children busy when they can't go outside to play?

     We try and have a Family game night each week, but with our schedules and school it doesn't a;ways happen, especially during the school year.  However when it rains we have a simple meal like hot dogs, or sloppy Joe's and have a Fun filled Family Game Night!  That gets to be interesting simply because I have a 2, 7, and a 12 year old.  Have you ever tried playing or even finding a game that was fun for these 3 ages at the same time that they all understand?  Sometimes it in itself feels like a chore, but we manage even if it means playing 3 different games!

     For obvious reasons of finding a game for all 3 ages and avoiding that headache we just pop some popcorn, and watch a movie.  This is typically a Friday night thing just because it runs a little late and they can sleep in on Sat.  Since we go to Church on Sunday we still have to get up early and so I choose Friday nights to play and enjoy Family!  The sad thing is even finding a Movie that the whole Family wants to watch sometimes can be hard.  My husband and myself like the scary movies, and the 2 older children like them but depending on the movie I am leery of letting them watch.  I don't want to be up all night because of a movie.  The baby she only wants to watch cartoons and usually falls asleep pretty early anyway.

     What are some of the things you and your Family like to do on a rainy day?  Leave a comment below I always love meeting new blogger/readers.  Follow via GFC (Google Friend Connect) and I will follow back. Just make sure you leave your page URL in the comment section!  Thanks and enjoy