Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Child of Terror

     Every child has a time when they trhow a temper tantrum to get thier way, or gets cranky when they are hungry or sleepy.  But have you ever meet that child that no matter what you or any adults says they do absolutley what they want to do and fight you for everything you got?  I have one I would like for you to meet.  Her name is Hailey and she is 7 years old.
     I know you are probably thinking awww she is so cute, or this can't be the child I am talking about!  Well, she is.  And as much as I love her our dailey ordeals around here just can't be measured in words.  At the age of 6 I was told Hailey was ODD and ADHD.  Most of the world now knows that ADHD is Attetion Deficent Hyperactivity disorder but do you know what ODD is?  Well it is Oppositional Defiance Disorder.  Most children goes through stages in thier life when they have ODD and it isn't really noticiable.  For Example Terrible Twos, we all know about those right?  Also another time would be form childhood to teen years.  At thispoint we just say they are mean or acting out for attention, etc.  But when you have a child that acts out with no end maybe you need to talk to the Dr.  I did and that is when we found out. 
Here is a list of characteristic behaviors seen in Oppositional Defiant Disorder children. They include:
  • Getting angry easily
  • Arguing and talking back to adults
  • Defying reasonable requests
  • Bucking rules
  • Intentionally bothering people
  • Pushing their limits
  • Not taking responsibility for their mistakes or misbehavior
  • Getting easily annoyed
  • Getting angry easily
  • Being resentful, spiteful, or vindictive.
  • Speaking harshly
  • Being brutally unkind when upset
  • Seeking revenge
  • Having frequent temper tantrums

Not so happy mood, most of the time!

As a parent with a child that is ADHD and ODD I can tell you it makes life very difficult.  Trying to get housework  done right on down to getting them to bed.  She doesn't like to take her medicine and I now have to watch her take it because if I don't she will pour it out in the sink or toss the pills in the trash.  Do you have or know someone with a child that is ODD?  Would really love to hear from you on you handle your situations.  Really looking ideas if anyone has any.