Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Favorite PEEPS Moments

     As a child we did not get candy everyday like my children do now!  It was usually a special occasions like in your stocking at Christmas, the Easter bunny left it in your basket, or as an extra treat for birthdays.  I remember getting up on Easter morning early because me and my sisters just really wanted to see what did the Easter bunny bring this year?  It was just about as much fun as Santa Clause to tell you the truth.
     Our parents would always fix our baskets and always included PEEPS candy.  I don't remember there being anything but bunnies when I was little but I know that now they have chicks too!  But i would take the bunnies and bite the head off and we would play games with them. 

     As an Adult/Mother I still carry on the tradition of putting these cute little critters in my little ones basket for them, every year!  I enjoy baking cakes but I have the decorating abilities of a Monkey! I know it is sad but true.  I come up with really cute ideas but can;t seem to get them to come out to look good on my cakes, so I look for other creative ways to decorate my cakes.  I have found that you can take the Peeps candies and use them and people just think you are awesome! 
     I had what I thought was wonderful idea last year.  I said to myself, Jennie why can't you put the Peeps in those little plastic Easter eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt?  Do you know why you can't do that?  Well, let me tell you what happened.  In the South around Easter we have very Sunny and Warm days around Easter.  Yeas, the bunnies swelled up inside the eggs and it was a mess.  They were fun to watch my kids try to eat, but I didn't think I would ever get the marshmallow off of EVERYTHING!  I guess as an adult that has to be the best moment I had with Peeps.
     And now if you don't like the traditional sugar coated peeps they have all kinds of chocolate covered Peeps.  I haven't tried these yet but plan on adding them in the baskets just so I can!

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