Friday, April 17, 2015

Make Your Own Trailer Tarp

If you’ve got a trailer then you’ll realize just how important it is to have a well fitted tarp to go over it. Covering a trailer with a tarp makes all sorts of sense, not only does it prevent whatever is being transported from being exposed to the elements but it also keeps it relatively safe and secure.

Although there are many companies around who will gladly make you a tarp which is tailor made to fit your trailer there are ways to do the job yourself.

A tarp is really nothing more than a water proof cover which is fastened securely across the trailer so that the contents don’t get blown away, don’t get wet, don’t fall out and don’t get stolen while you are sitting at the lights.

So what do you need to make a trailer tarp of your own?

Well, all you really need is a heavy duty tarp, some <a href="">metal grommets</a>, a grommet tool and a length of cord. You will also need to make sure that your trailer is fitted with attachment hooks but the majority of trailers are manufactured with those in place so that they are available when needed.

The first thing you have to do is to measure your trailer to make sure that you make a tarp of the correct size. You will need a small amount of overhang on the tarp for added strength and security but if the tarp is too big it will not be easy to fasten securely onto the sides of the trailer.

Measure the top of the trailer and allow around 3 inches overhang on each side (which means 6 inches in total for each dimension). This should allow plenty of time for the strengthening edge and for fastening it across the top of the trailer securely.

You need to manufacture your trailer tarp from heavy duty materials in order for it to have the necessary strength and weather resistance to protect your cargo. Cut the material to size and stitch around the edges using an industrial sewing machine. If you stitch a hem it will give added strength to the fastening mechanisms on your tarp.

Then you need to decide upon the number and placing of the grommets you will use to secure your tarp. Some smaller tarps may only need a grommet placed on each corner whereas larger tarps will need them strategically placed around the perimeter of the tarp.

Using heavy duty grommets and following the instructions of your grommet tool proceed to place them in the appropriate positions of the tarp. Although you may find it tricky at first you will get much better at it as you work your way around the tarp and finish fitting all of the grommets into position.

You will need to have a heavy duty cord to thread through the grommets to attach the tarp to the top of your trailer. Alternatively you may find that attaching a number of elastic straps or bungees around the trailer will hold the tarp firmly into position as required.

For more ideas and information about metal grommets and grommet tools visit <a href="">YescomUSA</a>. There you’ll find everything you need to know as well as some of the terrific deals they have available on other home, garden and business products.

Having a waterproof cover to protect the cargo of your trailer will make it much more functional. You will be able to move things in all weathers without worrying about them getting wet or damaged by the weather or debris.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Two Things To Look For In A Vermeer Baler Company

Two Things To Look For In A Vermeer Baler Company

If you work in an industry that requires you to bale hay for sale or cattle, you need excellent equipment such as vermeer baler belts. To ensure that you can attain the absolutely amazing products you deserve, look for the following attributes in the vermeer baler company:

1. Industry Longevity.

One of the first factors you want to consider when searching for the right vermeer baler company is their longevity in the industry. The companies that have remained on the block for a substantive period of time are generally still there because they operate in an ethical fashion and offer competitive rates. One company you should keep in mind when you start your search is USA Belting. This company has built a reliable industry name and will offer you the excellent service you need and deserve.

2. A Good Warranty.

Another factor you should look for in a baler belt company is a good warranty. No matter how confident you are that you've purchased a high quality, durable product, there's a chance that it could break down at some point. By getting a great warranty, you can be confident that you can attain maintenance and repair work if necessary.


When it's time for you to purchase an exceptional vermeer baler belt, you need to buy from a solid, savvy company. By searching for a business that has extensive industry experience and offers customers awesome warranties, you will likely get the incredible product that you want. Good luck!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Day of Spring 2015

March 20, 2015 at 6:45 PM is the first day of Spring. I have anxiously awaited this day for a very long Winter.  Did you have any big plans for the first day of Spring or for the upcoming weeks?
We really had no big plans, it was Friday so the kids had school and I had plenty of work to keep me busy.  Still I knew it was going to be a great day because it is Friday and the First day of Spring.  Here is the tale of my first few hours of that day!

It started off pretty good, I got up and got my oldest daughter up and ready for school.  She has to be ready and at the bus stop by 6:30 AM so it starts pretty early here on a school day.  Around 6:50 AM I started getting the baby up and ready for school when the babies I babysit showed up.  It was the same routine as usual, he kisses his little ones, gives me any news I need for the day, and he leaves for work.  However this morning when he got ready to leave he turned me and said Look!  So I go to the door to look out and what I saw at first was nothing unusual for us but this time it didn't end.  I ended up calling 911 to get the fire trucks on their way out, and making sure everyone outside was OK.  This moment lasted for about 30 minutes and as you will see in the video I live in front of the Fire Department but it still takes them 30 minutes to show up at my house!  About the time one of the guys from the fire department showed up it stopped, Thank God.  The babies Daddy went to work, my son left for school and I finished getting my little one ready for school.  Below is a video of our great start to a Friday Morning and Spring!

Watch to the end, the best is there around 1:29!  I didn't get the entire show on video and what you seen at 1:29 we saw about 5 or 6 of those.  I live in a mobile home and my house sits only about 50 feet maybe from this pole.  While we see this episode about once a year it usually is one big bang and it is over, However this ones seemed to never end.  The sparks were flying and coming so close to my house. In fact the video actually blacks out at one point because they are so close.  Thankfully after this episode the day went much better, the rain stopped and it warmed up a little. The power company came out and changed out the top part of the pole and replaced the isolators that were causing the problem!

Now it's your turn, How was your first day of Spring? Did you do anything exciting or was it just another day for you and your Family?