Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Purex Powershot one Dose Review

 I was given the opportunity to try  the NEW Purex Powershot laundry detergent and write a review of my thoughts on the product.  The opinions here are expressed in this review are solely my thoughts and are not wavered in anyway because I received a product from Purex.

As far as this product being easy to use I would love to say YES, however the first time I went to use the one dose I decided to use a cup to make sure that it worked properly.  I was so disappointed to discover that the entire bottle dumped and the measuring system did not work for me.  I still continued to use the product and as usual I loved the way it cleaned my clothes and the way it cleaned.

Once I got to the bottom of the bottle I couldn't get the rest of the detergent out and even though I added water to the bottle, still there was the last little bit that wouldn't come out.I don't like to waste and I know with any detergent you have a little residue left in the bottle so I rinse the bottle to get  every last drop out.  That is where I really did love the clear bottle because it actually shows you how much if anything is left in there.

Luckily for me I have a handsome, strong 16 year old that figured out that you can in fact twist the lid off and open the bottle to get all the remainder out.  Once I got the lid off, I discovered that there was a floating plastic piece in my bottle.  At that point I discovered that my piece had broken off and that was why my bottle did not do the proper measuring that it is suppose to do.  While I was very disappointed, I was also relieved because now I know that it is not a false advertising but in fact that most likely in shipping my bottle was damaged.

So now the big question is will I try this again?  No DOUBT, I loved the concept and it is really much easier when you are trying to teach your younger Children to do laundry.  Even as Adults we tend to use more detergent than recommended or necessary and this alleviates all of that.  Purex makes a great product and I will be trying another bottle in hopes that this bottle is not damaged and I can get the correct amounts as needed.  I also recommend anyone and everyone to try this new dosing bottle and you just may see where you are actually using more than necessary yourself.

Monday, February 23, 2015

6 Tips for Green Cleaning

You don't have to bathe your home in chemicals to get it clean. Here are six easy and effective ways to eliminate germs without resorting to harsh compounds or energy-wasting appliances.

1. Buy the Right Materials

White vinegar should be a staple of your all-natural cleaning kit. You'll also want to stock up on club soda, baking soda and nontoxic chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. When you have these supplies at hand, you won't even miss Mr. Clean.

2. Use Plants to Eliminate Odors

Air fresheners are terrible for the environment and functionally ineffective anyway. They don't remove bad smells; they simply cover them up. Put a chrysanthemum in the corner instead so it can soak up the benzene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere and convert it naturally into oxygen.

3. Use Black Tea on Glass Surfaces

The tannic acid in black tea makes it an excellent glass cleaner. Just steep it like you would a regular pot of your morning brew, but instead of drinking it, transfer the liquid to a spray bottle and use it on your windows, mirrors, tables and other glass surfaces. You'll be amazed at the results!

4. Invest in Eco-Friendly Products

When you just can't remove that stain without a little assistance, buy organic products instead of polluted and processed ones. If you're hiring a crew, look into a company like Green Choice Carpet. They provide carpet cleaners Washington DC who specialize in eco-friendly scrubbing, so you'll get a professional clean without any of the guilt.

5. Polish Your Silver with Baking Soda

It's time to bring out those staples. Baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide will form a thick, paste-like material that can be spread on everything from cutlery to burnt cookie pans. When you wipe it off, your steel will be just like new! You don't even have to scrub!

6. Clean Your Drains Like a Third Grader

Do you remember making homemade volcanoes with vinegar and baking soda? Put them together in your drain to clean your pipes thoroughly and naturally. The fizzy mixture will strip away rust, crumbs and congealed grease without damaging the interior walls like other substances.

If you're serious about staying committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle during your next spring cleaning, these are the tips you'll need to use. Say no to chemicals! You don't need them at all.