Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Day of Spring 2015

March 20, 2015 at 6:45 PM is the first day of Spring. I have anxiously awaited this day for a very long Winter.  Did you have any big plans for the first day of Spring or for the upcoming weeks?
We really had no big plans, it was Friday so the kids had school and I had plenty of work to keep me busy.  Still I knew it was going to be a great day because it is Friday and the First day of Spring.  Here is the tale of my first few hours of that day!

It started off pretty good, I got up and got my oldest daughter up and ready for school.  She has to be ready and at the bus stop by 6:30 AM so it starts pretty early here on a school day.  Around 6:50 AM I started getting the baby up and ready for school when the babies I babysit showed up.  It was the same routine as usual, he kisses his little ones, gives me any news I need for the day, and he leaves for work.  However this morning when he got ready to leave he turned me and said Look!  So I go to the door to look out and what I saw at first was nothing unusual for us but this time it didn't end.  I ended up calling 911 to get the fire trucks on their way out, and making sure everyone outside was OK.  This moment lasted for about 30 minutes and as you will see in the video I live in front of the Fire Department but it still takes them 30 minutes to show up at my house!  About the time one of the guys from the fire department showed up it stopped, Thank God.  The babies Daddy went to work, my son left for school and I finished getting my little one ready for school.  Below is a video of our great start to a Friday Morning and Spring!

Watch to the end, the best is there around 1:29!  I didn't get the entire show on video and what you seen at 1:29 we saw about 5 or 6 of those.  I live in a mobile home and my house sits only about 50 feet maybe from this pole.  While we see this episode about once a year it usually is one big bang and it is over, However this ones seemed to never end.  The sparks were flying and coming so close to my house. In fact the video actually blacks out at one point because they are so close.  Thankfully after this episode the day went much better, the rain stopped and it warmed up a little. The power company came out and changed out the top part of the pole and replaced the isolators that were causing the problem!

Now it's your turn, How was your first day of Spring? Did you do anything exciting or was it just another day for you and your Family?