Thursday, October 16, 2014

What's for Dinner?

      There are so many options out there, some take a lot of time to prepare and then there are those that take no time or skill at all.  Without asking I am almost positive that each of us is looking for more of the quick and easy recipes. Nobody wants to go to work all day and then have to come home and cook a big complicated meal.
     What is your Families go to quick fix meals?  Mine is Spaghetti for sure!  And there just is no better sauce than Ragu. You can go here and you can find Ragu recipes that are perfect for that quick fix meal and they look really awesome.

Here are some pictures of me preparing my famous spaghetti that my family loves, and if you have any recipes I would love for you to share them.  Never know I may just try it out and your recipe could be my next post!