Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dial Coconut Water Review

When you wake in the morning, and can't seem to get out of the bed, what is your go to?  I have to get my coffee started and then jump into the shower.  But it takes more than just a shower to get my motors running.  I want to wake up and feel clean and refreshed for the day.  I have tried many different types of soaps and body washes in trying to find the perfect one.

I found it!  The Dial coconut water water with Mango body wash was the bomb.  It not only helped in waking me up, but it also made me feel clean and refreshed for the day.  A few weeks ago I went to the beach and I am a fair skinned girl.  Needless to say I got burnt pretty bad, just after about an hour on the beach,  When I came home I tried several different lotions, and treatments but found that the Dial body wash hydrated my skin better than anything else I tried. 

I highly recommend that if you are looking for the perfect body wash for you and your family that you try the Dial coconut with mango body wash.  My husband is NOT a fan of body wash but even he can't resist using it.  It smells great and doesn't have that girly girl scent. You know the one I'm talking about that only a lady can get by using.  The coconut and mango are just enough to give your eyes and awakening, your nose that perked up smell, and your body the hydration it needs but no over powering on any of it.  It was really a GREAT product!