Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bloggers Wanted ~ Surface Pro Event

Surface Pro Giveaway Event

Organized by: Mom to Bed by 8
Prize: 65GB Surface Pro {$899}
Event dates: 5/1 - 5/29

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Bloggers Wanted ~ Photo Ready Giveaway Event


Photo Ready Giveaway Event

Organized by: Mom Powered Media

Prize: Canon EOS REBEL T4i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera Prize Package {RV$950+}

Event dates: 4/23 - 5/14

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Protein Bakery Review and Giveaway

                                        Protein Bakery photo proteinbakery008button.jpg

                                              Welcome to the Protein Bakery Giveaway!

                                                   Sponsored by: The Protein Bakery

                                                          Hosted by Southern Belle

                                                       Co-Hosted by: Biscotti & Bracelets

I personally have not tried these yet, but you can bet I am going to try them myself.  They just look so umm, umm good!  I have heard that ginger is good for your stomach,  especially if you have ulcers and such.  So we tend to eat a lot of ginger cookies here.   I wish each of my readers the best and if you are one of my readers and win, please come back and let us know what you think of them.  I always love to hear about your opinion on things not just mine!

One lucky Winner will receive an assortment of 10 mini brownies/blondies and 2 ginger cookie 2 packs  

The Protein Bakery offers a variety of snacks and the recipes they use are trans fat free, preservative free and wheat flour free. They combine natural ingredients like heart healthy rolled oats, light brown sugar and the finest chocolate. They make small batches everyday giving you that quality fresh from the oven taste.  My favorite thing about The Protein Bakery snacks is that they come in full-size and mini-size. The minis have been my personal favorite. I love the fact that so much protein is packed into such a small snack.  The snacks are absolutely delicious and they have that fresh from the oven taste to them.

Read the full review here

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to respond to winning email or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions. The sponsor ( The Protein Bakery) has sole responsibility for prize fulfillment and shipment. 
Enter below for a chance to win. 
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cloth Diaper Twitter Party 4/9 #SchoolOfCloth

Win and learn all about cloth diapers at the #Schoolofcloth Twitter Party April 9th!

School of cloth is back in session!

You're going to the School of Cloth II!
This School of Cloth Twitter Party is going to be so fun, I even have a secret twist in store that will be announced at the end of the party.  You may think you know it all, I can assure you that you do not!  During our last #Schoolofcloth party even some experienced cloth diapering folks were surprised at the tips.  Whether you're totally new and have yet to try cloth diapers or an experienced veteran, you'll learn something new-to you at Cloth Diaper School!

The prizes are super crazy and cool, a variety of gift certificates, cloth diapers, products for mom and even an Ergo Baby Carrier!  

Will you be the Teacher's Pet?

Party Details:

When:  Tuesday April 9, 2013
Time:  9:00-10:00 pm EST
Hashtag:  #SchoolofCloth
Hosts:  @ClothDiaperGeek
Where:  Twitter, Tweetgrid, TweetChat, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck
Grand Prize:  Ergo Performance Carrier in Charcoal with matching Infant Insert generously donated by Green Bambino in Oklahoma City

Many prizes are being offered by the School of Cloth sponsors.  Check out the Rafflecopter Form below for all the details. 
Sponsors Include: 

How to RSVP:  Enter your name, email and twitter id in the Rafflecopter form below and submit the extra entries for any you choose in order to increase your chances of winning!

Prizes:  You can see a complete list of all the party prizes on the Rafflecopter form below!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced during the party. All winners will be verified after the party and must have tweeted at least once, with the hashtag #schoolofcloth, between the hours of 9-10pm EST. If they did not then an alternate winner will be chosen.

Because in a past Twitter Party, the Grand Prize, an Ergo Carrier, was stolen by a scammer, you MUST wait until you receive an email from me notifying you that you won and then you can respond to it to claim your prize.  I will be contacting you with the email that you use when claiming your entries on Rafflecopter.

Participants with private twitter accounts must change to public for the duration of the party or else their participation will not be visible and verification of their involvement will not be possible.

If you win and I can not verify your participation due to having a private twitter account then I will simply be moving on to another winner.  In other words, you will be disqualified.   

To RSVP for this party go to Cloth Diaper Geek and follow the Rafflecopter!  GOod Luck to all my readers and enjoy the party!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free blogger sign up $200.00 visa card

Blogger Opportunity

Giveaway from June 3 to 28

Come and be part of this awesome giveaway

We are giving away a Visa gift card of $200

We will have a max. of 200 bloggers for sign up, it will be a big giveaway.

The RC is not long because each co-host has there own RC with their links.

Here are the details to sign up:

-Free Link (Twitter or Pinterest)  

The first 50 bloggers to sign up will get a link free with announcement. 

Announcement is required or you have to pay a waiver fee of $5.00

(Please read the sign up form on the top to know if we still have free space available)

-Link/ or extra links $2.00 each (if the free spots are gone, to be part of this giveaway you will need to pay $2.00 for each link you want on the giveaway)

Announcement is required or you have to pay a waiver fee of $5.00.

-Co-Host $15.00

The co-host get 2 host page.  

10 links on the RC.

No announcement required

Please send payment to as a gift.

Any question please email me at

Up in The Tee Tops Frock!

Up in the Tee Tops - Orange, Green, Novelty Print, Short Sleeves, Spring, Mid-length, WorkCarrie Bradshaw has always been known for her great sense of fashion and this week on The Carrie Diaries is no different. At the beginning of episode 112: "A First Time for Everything" Carrie can be seen sporting the Up in the Tee Tops from ModCloth. A boldly patterned peplum top featuring a green tree atop a pattern of red, coral, and azure, Carrie could definitely use the calming effect this top can have after an interesting exchange with her boyfriend. Grab this fantastic frock today at ModCloth!

Home Run review and giveaway Ends 4/13

Written by Travis Thrasher

About the Author
Travis Thrasher is the author of more than a dozen works of fiction, including The Solitary Tales series, Isolation, and Ghostwriter. His writing is known for its honesty, depth, and   surprising twists. Thrasher lives with his wife and daughters in Chicago.
My thoughts:

To be perfectly honest I had a hard time finding the time to read this book at first.  I had read some and put it down, but something kept telling me that  you really need to read this book.  It also did not help that my Sister has just about read it and talks about it being a really good book, so I picked the book and starting trying to read again.  

In the beginning it starts out with what you would think to be a happy story, with the 2 brothers and their treasure.  They are looking a place to hide it and you catch yourself, or I did me, looking for a place to hide it too!  But suddenly to the story changes and starts talking about a monster.  I wasn't sure exactly what was going on so of course now I have to keep reading to figure who this monster is that they are so afraid of.  Once I got to this point I could not put the book down.

Without telling you the story I will tell you this, I was married to a man that beat and abused me for the 3 years that we were married.  Now, with that being said I did not ever find where this monster actually hit the boys or his wife but instead it was more of a mental abuse.  If you ask me there is no difference, abuse is abuse no matter how it comes.  But because of what this little guys father had done to him growing up, he became one of the best baseball players ever, unfortunately he also picked up some his Father's bad habits.  This I will let you read and find out!

It was a very interesting read, but at the same time it was a difficult read for me.  If you know anyone that has ever suffered any kind of abuse you know that they have a hard time dealing with stressful issues.  I have always heard that "What doesn't kill us, make us stronger".  I guess on some levels that is true but I can tell you from experience that sometimes we appear to be stronger than most people but we are really weak on the inside.  

Then we are opposed with he question here, Can people really change?  What do you think?  I think with God anything is possible and that is a big part of this story.  It is a MUST READ! There is a quote that I read and it says "No one is beyond the healing of God. 

This is a great book to read and I recommend this everyone.  I also can't wait for the movie to come out on April 19, I really would like to see how they take the info from the book and put it into motion.  But don't wait, one of my readers will have a chance to get a preview of this book.  All you have to do is follow the rafflecopter and keep a check on your email.  Once I have drawn a winner via Rafflecopter, I will send an email.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond and if no response then I will have to draw a new winner.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hydroponics is the Way to Go


High quality grow boxes aren't that hard to find if you know where to look. Search for some inline fan as well at and you'll be sure to find some great possibilities. There are tons of different nutrient additives that you can add to your hydroponics set-up to make your plants successful. Happy plants are healthy plants and you can be sure that with the right nutrients, you will be growing a fantastic indoor garden. With the right supplies and the right amount of knowledge, anyone can turn into a super hydroponics grower! If you want plants that will be grown in stable environment as opposed to outdoors where weather can harm them, try hydroponics! You don’t have to wait for a certain season, you can start growing tonight if you wanted. There is lots of information available online for people to learn about indoor plant growing, and it is continuing to be a growing trend in many communities. This is very helpful to those cities that dwell in colder areas since crops are harder to grow outdoors. Hydroponics is the answer to most of outside gardens problems! Having a hydroponics garden is extremely smart if you want to start growing food for your family all year round to save on groceries, as well as for hobby growing! No matter what the plant, with the right grow lights and nutrients you will have a wonderful garden and collection. Grow tents with durable yet breathable material are very important to hydroponics.