Monday, March 18, 2013

ChromeBook 3G Giveaway


Welcome to the Chromebook Giveaway!

For Everyone. The Samsung Chromebook 3G is a computer that helps you get everyday things done faster and easier. It starts in seconds, has virus protection built-in, and runs your favorite Google apps plus thousands more. The Chromebook comes with leading Google products, like Search, Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts, so you can work, play, and do whatever you want, right out of the box.

You can easily share it with multiple people; switching accounts takes seconds, and everyone gets their own files, apps and settings. And it's simple to use. There's no setup, and your files are automatically backed up in the cloud. At just 2.4 pounds, 0.7 inches thin, and with over 6.5 hours of battery life, the Samsung Chromebook can go anywhere you go. It's built to stay cool, so it doesn't need a fan and runs silently. It also includes 100GB of free Google Drive storage (for 2 years), a built-in webcam, and dual band Wi-Fi to make it easy to connect to wireless networks.

No more waiting for an affordable laptop. Go Chrome Today!

One lucky reader will receive a Samsung Chromebook 3G.

Giveaway ends April 10th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

JJ Hellers CD Loved Review and Giveaway

JJ Heller
Stone Table Records
Releases March 12

About JJ Heller's LOVED
When JJ Heller and her husband/co-writer, Dave, began writing for their sixth studio album LOVED, life looked a few shades darker, more painful and confusing than it had during the work on their work of the recent past. Over the past few years, the duo steered much of their material toward the whimsical and simple joys of life, love and new parenthood. But, when confronted by illness, death and broken marriages within their community, the Hellers chose to stay true to the weight of their season of life when crafting lyrics this time around.
 My thoughts
 I found this Cd to be so relaxing... I would put in the computer cd player while I would work,and just completely feel the release of stress while I was working.  It not only relieved the stresses of the day but it was just wonderful to listen to.  Since I have not been working for the last month, me and my Mother do a lot of our errands together.   It gives her someone to go with her, and though I have the 4 year old it gives me another adult to talk to.  So on one of our many outings I took the CD with me and popped it in the CD player.  After each song I would ask my Mother, what do think about that song?  Like me she agrees that it is relaxing and some of the songs are just really sad. 
For one of my lucky readers I have a CD to giveaway!  IT is a rafflecopter giveawaw so just follow each step and you are entered!  I hope you enjoy this CD as much as me and my Mother has!

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Top 5 Disney World Tips for Mommy Bloggers

Guest post by Kendra Thorton

Top 5 Disney World Tips for Mommy Bloggers

Although a vacation at the Walt Disney World Resorts is likely to make lasting memories, some of those memories could be filled with anxiety and stress. You can survive your trip to Disney this Spring Break by following some of the tips below, making it a vacation that be smooth sailing!

1. Meet Thee Mouse Himself!
Whether your first meal of the day is eaten in the company of Mickey or Ariel, your child will feel as though he or she is part of the magic. With advance booking, Cinderella or one of her princess colleagues can welcome your child to her Royal Table restaurant in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. There or at any of the accommodations that offer character dining, your little prince or princess will feel like royalty.

2. Sleep While You Ride
Get up an hour early and nap on the Monorail or ferry on the way to the park. You can head back to your hotel quickly for a lunchtime siesta and stay an hour later than the guests who were bused in. A quick ride on either will take you from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot Center.

3. Stay Local
Staying in one of the on-site hotels, ranked amongst some of the top hotels in Orlando, gives you access to the park for an extra two hours. If you get to the Magic Kingdom before the midday heat hits, you can spend the afternoon back at the hotel, lounging by the pool.

4. Take Advantage of Kid-Friendly Resources!
Don’t worry about lugging around a heavy bag. You can grab a diaper at one of Disney’s Baby Care Centers, and you can rent a stroller at the park. Whether it’s you or your child who needs a break, you can rest in the air conditioning at a Baby Care Center, available at all four theme parks.

5. Make a To-Do List to Make Your Life Easier
Make this one a little shorter than your daily list of tasks at home, and leave yourself plenty of time to relax in between activities. A downloadable app will tell you how long the lines are at the various attractions, and a FASTPASS lets you jump to the front of the line.

Saving all that time at the park will give you more hours to take advantage of the amenities at your hotel. Have the kids help with the planning too. Ask them to make a collage of photos they find and give them choices so they can get in on the fun. After all, whose vacation is this? I hope these tips make your life a little easier this vacationing holiday!

Me In a Tree Review

First let me say I apologize to both my readers and to the Me in a Tree panel.  I have been extremely busy with taxes, and then on top of everything else my dentists decides he is going to have to do surgery.  I had a tooth pulled and it originally broke pieces of bone off of my jawbone, in which was coming up through my gums.  It has been extremely painful but I think I am getting much better.  I go back in a month for my post post opp appt. and we are praying that the gum has decided to start healing like it is suppose to!

     With that out of the way, I have a wonderful program for the family that just never seems to have the time talk get together and talk or maybe you just don't know what to talk about.  Me in a Tree, is a program that allows all of the family members to set up an account and do different tasks.  The main task that we used as a family was the Family Huddle.  We all pretty much came to the office, found us a comfortable chair, and let the program guide us.  The program gave us topics to discuss and gives time for each family member to respond to that question and/or topic.  Some may be as simple as what was the most exciting thing that happened to you this week, or Did you have a bad day & how did you handle it.  It was more of a guide to get everyone involved in the conversations and they were allowed to speak their mind.  Once we were through with what the program suggested we even spent another 15 - 20 minutes talking with each other and me and the 2 girls started planning my oldest daughters birthday party. 

     Today March 17 is my daughter's 9th birthday but we will be having her party next Saturday.  So me and the girls have been using the tools that we learned form Me in a tree to learn how to talk to each other and learn what the other is asking or wanting.

     The me in a tree program offers several other great ideas to help the family stay organized like a to do list, a calender, and a journal for you to just take notes and keep up with your busy life that we as parents often have.  I know my schedule on a daily basis does not allow me to just sit around and watch TV for hours at a time or take extra long naps.  I have so much to do that at times I forget to do simple things or just opt to not do them because of time constraint.

     If  you have a family that is busy with ball games, school recitals, or just plain busy with work then I strongly recommend that you check out this program.  You will find that it will greatly assist in making time with the family and bring you closer together.

Whiffits Review and Giveaway

Photo: Dee Says gives her opinion on enhancing your diet with aromatherapy and Whiffits. Saying Whiffits "trick your brain into thinking you’ve just eaten. The result is, you’ll eat less. I’m thinking this might also be helpful to use before going grocery shopping to help with those impulse purchases that are based on cravings." 
Read the full article at the following link:
As you recall I had an earlier post on the Whiffits review. Well, this is the update on how spectacular they work. Previous post on Whiffits

I had to have surgery on March 14, 2013, and as you know if you have any kind of surgery you can't eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight. Well, that just doesn't go over very well with me at all. Normally I don't have breakfast but I will drink about 3 cups of coffee in the morning, and maybe an early lunch. When I had to have my surgery it was scheduled for 9 AM and I thought I would die of hunger and thirst. So I remember that I had the Whiffits and I said I am going to give them the test of times. If they can help me get through this procedure then I know I am in love.

So I tried a whiff of one and within a short period of time I was actually feeling better. I was still thirsty but who wouldn't be if they couldn't eat or drink anything? I was in and out of my surgery by 10:15 AM and I was allowed to eat or drink, however I still wasn't really hungry. I couldn't wait to get something to drink though. I have tried them on a numerous occasions and felt like they helped to suppress my appetite but I could still drink and it did not help with thirst. If you are considering on going on any kind of diet, or weight loss program this is one that really does help.

I am not what you would consider over weight, I am about 5'8" tall and I weight about 1I did not go as far as to use them to miss a meal but rather to help reduce the amount I eat. Seems lie every time I have gone to the Doctor in the last few months I am gaining a pound or two. Now I am sure you are all thinking well she can afford to gain a little weight. That is what my family is constantly telling me but I am telling them that don't want the extra pounds and I feel better at a lower weight. So I use the Whiffits to cut back on the amount I am eating and when I went to the Doctor the other day he told me I have lost a pound, YAY!

I recommend this program to anyone and everyone that is looking to lose weight, but I also recommend talking to your Doctor to make sure you need to lose the weight and see at what he thinks a good weight for you would be! I talked to my Doctor before starting and I told him what I was looking for in the program and we agreed that at any time he felt I was losing more than I should that I would end the program. So 9 out of 10 times your Doctor is going to steer you in the right direction. The whiffits are not ingesting in anyway, so this program is a much more invasive program to help suppress your appetite. It can also be used as I have used it, to just assist in the amount of food you eat and help you eat more proportions that your body needs and not wants.

With all of this said, I have a free months supply to offer to one of my readers! It is a Rafflecopter giveaway which make sit so simple for you to enter.

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