Monday, November 18, 2013

Church Rescue


When you read the title "Church Rescue", you are probably wandering just what is this crazy girl talking about? I'm not I promise, The National Geographic Channel has came out with a new show called Church Rescue.  It involves 3 people who are considered Church Hoppers!

So you are probably wandering what the show is about, right?  I was the first time I heard the title I was like What?  So here goes...
Church Rescue is basically a show about different churches that are in need such as bankruptcy.  The church hoppers come in, look over and see what they can do to help.  They review books, talk to staff members, and get an idea of where the problem lies. The Freedom Biker Church is located in Hickory, NC.  It is a church that targets the biker community.  With that being said not everyone would be into the biker church so the church hoppers will come in and see what more the church can do to gain more members, raise funds, and how to target the right community.  

I hope that each and everyone of my readers will try and watch at least one episode of the Church Rescue and come back here and let me know what you thought of it.  It is a new show, that plays on Monday nights through December 16 on the National Geographic Channel.