Saturday, November 9, 2013

Caring for a Healthy and Happy Horse

 As a child I would wish and dream of owning my own horse one day!  I had never had the opportunity to ride one, but just how hard could it really be, Right?  Well, the first horse I was the given the chance to ride, was in the Mountains of North Carolina, after a rain storm, and I chose the prettiest horse they had.  However, this pretty horse was completely broken in, in my opinion or maybe it was just the first time rider (myself).  I had a few scares going up and down the mountain, and so glad to see that we were back at the stables.  It is definitely a memory I have never forgotten!

Horses can be a fun family activity to enjoy on a hike, or just out sight seeing on the country side.  With the right teaching to both horse and rider I believe it can be very therapeutic and relaxing.  Horses not as much now and back in the day, were used as working tools.  They are very strong animals and move heavy objects, and carry heavy loads. The bond between an owner and his horse sometimes can be as close a parent and a child.

Caring for the horse requires many different chores from feeding, washing, veterinary visits, and shoeing.Though these are not the only things that are required for taking care of a horse, these are among the most common and are usually required more often than other horse needs.

A horse must have a dry and comfortable stable to spend its nights. These structures have to be kept clean and well stocked with plenty of water and feed. Veterinary visits are an integral part of caring for your horse, though this type of care should only be done by a professional. Shoeing your horse helps keep your horse's hooves in good shape and promotes bone and ankle health. While shoeing basically requires only horseshoe nails and shoes, there are many different methods and practices to ensuring this is done properly.

When it comes to shoeing your horse, it is important to use the right equipment. The shoes and nails you use should be made for the type of work your horse is doing. Well established companies that supply these items should be used, such as the shoeing supplies sold by Anvil Brand.