Monday, September 30, 2013

City Life VS. Country Life

 I have lived in the same yard from birth until now.  Notice I didn't tell you how long but just my entire life.  While it is not as country as I would like for it to be, it is still NOT the city life.  I have family and friends alike who are always telling me that they had rather live in the city for different reasons and then I have to share my reasons of why I had much rather live here in the country.
So now I am going to share a few things with you, my readers of my perspective on the country life.

In the city you have all kinds of ordinances from noise to cutting your grass.  I know here in NC they will fine you if you don't cut your grass, so even of you are on vacation you must keep your grass cut or have someone to cut it for you.  In the city there is public transportation that helps for a lot of people and in some cases depending on where you live in the city, some places are within walking distance.When you rake your yards or have excessive yard waste, no problem, you just put it all on the curb and eventually the city will come by and pick it up. 
These are all great reasons to live in the city, however I can't help but believe that there are just so many more reasons to live in the country.

In the country life on the weekend if I want to have a party, I just have it.  There is no one around to hear the noise and complain.  If someone gets a little excited and fires a shot gun, no problem, you just put it away for safe keeping, but you don't have to worry about the law showing up.  If I go on vacation and miss a week of cutting my grass, no problem it is still there to be cut when I get home.  I rake my leaves, and then I burn them.  The fire acts as heat when we are all sitting around, and the smoke deters the bugs away.  No we don't have any public transportation, and you can't walk to the Doctor's office, but we tend to enjoy the company of friends riding with us when we go into to town.   Here are 2 videos that shows how I truly feel about the country life. 

In the city you must keep your dogs chained, in the house, on a leash, or have a fenced in yard or animal control will fine you, and possible take your pets to doggy jail (AKA the pound).  In the country I can let my puppies run free, have ducks, and enjoy the sound of a rooster in the early am.
To some this doesn't sound enjoyable but I would not have it any other way.
Do you prefer the city or the country life?  Why?
Share a story, picture, or even a video of what makes where you stay the best.
I always enjoy reading my readers comments, what they think about my posts.

Can't forget about in the country going to find that local pond and fishing, even if it is just a little fish.  It is much more about the time spent with your family, and friends than anything!