Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nursing in Style

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

  Comfort & Harmony mombo in Hoppi Haze Nursing Pillow & Infant Positioner - Comfort & Harmony  - Babies"R"Us

      When I was pregnant with my 3 babies the Doctors and Nurses were constantly telling the pros and cons of breastfeeding.  One of the best pros were that the Mothers milk not only provides a healthier milk but it also is easier for the baby to digest.  Besides the medical pros my favorite is the connection or bond that is between a Mother and her baby.  Most Mothers have the same question and that is what if I work?  They will give you alternatives for working Mothers that are still a great plus, it was for me.

     The Mombo nursing pillow can be bought from Toys R Us or Babies R Us, at a really great price and you can purchase different pillow cover themes.  Depending on your style or nursery theme they have everything from cartoon characters to the most sophisticated. To can also Like Comfort & Harmony on Facebook or Follow Comfort & Harmony on Twitter and get more information and deals.

     The Mombo pillows are ergonomlc and make the perfect baby shower gift.  Especially to a new Mommy.  They are comfortable for both baby and Mom rather in the comfort of their home or in a public setting. The mombo nursing pillow allows for the closeness of the baby giving him or her the needed support and comfort needed to nurse.  It is also great for toddlers in travel because of the way it wraps around the baby and keeps them from rolling over on to their stomachs.  My daughter loved hers so much that she still uses hers today and she is almost 5, but she says it is like laying in the arms of Mommy.  The Mombo pillows go from soft2firm and have a vibration mode, both of whicj assist in the relaxtion of the baby and made for comfort!

     Maybe you are not wanting to breastfeed, I can't tell anyone what to do but I can say that the mombo nursing pillow is also goof just for helping you give the baby the support needed for holding, bonding, and spending quality time with.  Because I was only able to nurse for a very short period, I used my pillow for playtime with my infants.  I would lay the baby inside and she could lay there and look at her Mommy, however it is NOT recommended that you place the baby on any pillow and leave unattended or that you prop a bottle. 

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